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Call for Submissions: Photos Showing Texture

Burcu AvsarPhoto: Burcu Avsar

The topic for the next Feature Shoot group show will be photos that show texture.

“Come Together”: a Beatles-Themed Exhibition Opening Tomorrow at FotoWeekDC

happiness is a warm gunHappiness is a Warm Gun: (L) Brandon Juhasz; (R) Peter Andrew

When planning for this exhibition, Come Together (opening tomorrow at FotoWeekDC), co-curator Amanda Gorence and I knew it would be showing at a time when the nation would be divided: half of us breathing a sigh of relief in reaction to the election results, with the other half wanting to leave the country. [Click on images to bring them up at a larger size.]

Still Life ‘Color Studies’ by Burcu Avsar


Burcu Avsar’s Color Studies explores the relationship between humans and color and the meanings given to each hue. With the aid of stylist Helen Quinn, Avsar experimented with three different natural dyes. They began with the ancient indigo blue, applying it to used books and wood, which were then coupled with Japanese textiles and figurines. Moving on to cochineal (the Mexican bug-turned-vibrant pink when crushed up) the duo told the story of its transition with different shaded yarns.

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