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Parisian Men Photographed in Their Stylish Surrounds

Baudouin Irié, fashion designer, FrenchIrié, fashion designer

A young performer stands beside books and records piled high, his clothes scorched for reasons unknown. A fashion designer gazes stoically at the photographer’s lens while a toothy reptile lurks near his feet. Holding his skateboard, a sociologist returns to the room he lived in as a child.

Baudouin, Paris

Baudouin Paris photographer

Baudouin’s most improbable dreams saw him as a bassist in a New York jazz band circa 1970. However, born in France in 1977 and unable to carry off an afro hairstyle, he decided to become a photographer. Baudouin took his first photos in Ireland. He tried and tested different formats, got to grips with light, mastered black and white photography and worked on framing his subject. He studied the work of his mentors, immersing himself in their universe and techniques, his bedroom walls lined with compositions by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martin Parr’s color photography and witty images by Elliott Erwitt. Baudouin honed his style; on returning to Paris, he began specializing in color portraits. This work is from his series, ‘I am a parisian lady.’

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