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Trash Organized Neatly: A Photographer’s Colorful Collection of Discarded Objects

Barry Rosenthal

Barry Rosenthal

Living in the heart of any metropolis for a decade or longer might require periods of seeking alternate views, scents, and sounds, regardless of how ‘urban’ we consider ourselves. Native urbanites, too, need the sun and sea, sand, and wide-frame vistas. NYC-based photographer Barry Rosenthal‘s series Found in Nature speaks to an impeccably organized urbanite who, despite shooting objects that were found along the coastal areas of New York Harbor, still packed them tightly and densely into frame, much like all of us on the subway during peak commute hours, looking like quite the–ahem–can of sardines.

Anew: a Photo Exhibition that Explores Seeing Beauty in Everyday Objects

Christopher-JonassenPhoto: Christopher Jonassen

I am thrilled to have teamed up with United Photo Industries to curate Anew, a group exhibition featuring nine photographers who unearth beauty in the seemingly irrelevant, everyday objects that most people disregard, revealing that unnoticed and banal items can sometimes be quite magical.

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