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Charming Portraits of Dancing Elderly Couples Photographed Around the World


Viv(r)e la Vie! is a photography series in process, consisting of photographs of couples in profile with a countryside in the background, and is a homage to the people who continue to live “in the moment”. The concept depicts the two contrary principles: masculine and feminine, which are found in an embrace as a symbol of the partnership, the union and belonging. The coniferous landscapes represent the power of vital force, of immortality.—Ana Galan

Photographer Ana Galan divides Viv(r)e la Vie! into subsets; the first captures dancing couples in Spain, the second in Philadelphia, the third in Finland. The fourth subset is to be shot in the Phillipines, and the fifth in Iceland, both thanks to artist residencies. Galan works as a marketing director for a magazine in Madrid, and lives between Madrid and Paris.

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