Feature Shoot has compiled a list of our favorite international photography websites! Covering everything from portraits to landscapes to street photography (and more), all 50 of these websites have one thing in common: they are looking to expose their audiences to great photography. Download our guide today and get your work seen!

In this simple, to-the-point directory, we give you a detailed look at exactly what publishers are looking for when you submit work. Editors and curators want submissions that are both thorough and concise, so make the most of your pitch by following their specific guidelines, all collected in one place by Feature Shoot. Skip the hassle of digging around for contact info, and get in touch directly using our handy guide.

Get Featured on Your Favorite Website

Whether you just finished a cool new project or have a new photo book coming out, this straightforward guide will help you find the right home for your work. This list includes websites collected by our editors over several years in the business, and inside you’ll find dozens of publications (most online, some in print as well) based all over the globe. Chances are you’ve followed some of these websites for years and just never knew how to apply–or even that they were accepting unsolicited pitches!

Find a New Audience

While we’ve included some of the biggest photography publications in the world, we also made sure to spotlight a bunch of hidden gems known mostly to photo editors and curators. Build a new professional network by checking out these independent sites, all of whom are looking for fresh and cutting-edge photography and out-of-the-box thinkers. The perfect website for your work is out there; maybe you just haven’t found it yet.

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry News

Even if you’re not quite ready to submit your work, we believe that all photographers should be following the websites we’ve chosen. In a digital world, photography evolves at breakneck speed, and these platforms have their fingers on the pulse of new movements journalism and the arts. These are the places we turn to when we’re looking for talented, emerging movers and shakers, and we find inspiration in them on a daily basis. When you are ready to pitch your photos for consideration for a feature, know that the editor’s desk is just a click away!