Without support from leading photography grants and fellowships, masters of the medium like Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, William Eggleston, and countless more might not have made some of the most important images of the last century.

For generations, institutions small and large have helped photographers to bring their visions to life, whether they’re uncovering the most pressing of our times or pushing the artform into unprecedented territory.

In 2020, as photographers around the world strove to make meaningful work at a crucial point in global history, we rounded up this collection of grants open to photographers. Some are limited by scope or genre, and others are wide-open. Many are established and have served the community for decades, and others are newer, rising opportunities to hit the industry within the last several years.

Keep this guide on file as you prepare your grant applications for the coming year, and feel free to start your own document with new additions as you go. This is just a jumping off point; use it as you wish, and adapt it to suit your needs. Just US$10 now!