Feature Shoot has compiled a list of fifty essential resources for photographers. From finding a gallery, to holding your next exhibition, to tracking your stolen images online, this guide has something for photographers at all stages in their careers. Download this indispensable guide for photographers today.

Tired of digging around the internet for answers to simple photography and business questions? We did the work for you by compiling this no-nonsense directory to dozens of websites, platforms, and tools designed to make your life easier. Use this guide to kick your career into high gear, whether you’re looking for convenient apps, networking tools, photography-based communities, or exposure opportunities to help you on your journey.

Business Resources

Connect with fellow photographers, agents, consultants, editors, and more. Our guide includes photographer-specific search engines, databases, online groups, and websites geared towards helping you build a professional network. These sites are are made specifically by insiders for insiders, so you’ll get the behind-the-scenes scoop on everything going on within the industry. We even have a place where you can find out exactly who will pay you to feature you work!

Practical Resources

Rent locations, studios, props and more using the tried-and-true resources we recommend. With this guide, we’ll also help you find the right printer and publishing platform for you. In addition to physical spaces and materials, you’ll find time and money-saving apps to streamline your workflow and maximize your efficiency. These resources will also help you stay-up-to-date on the events every photographer’s talking about and make the most out of your schedule.

Inspirational Resources

The editors of Feature Shoot put this guide together to share some of the places we go looking for inspiration and new voices within the community, so no matter what your level or background, we assure you there’s something in here for you— whether it’s a database of female photographers or a website devoted entirely to the relationship between photography and mental health.

Educational Resources

No matter where you are in your career, there’s always something new to learn. Our guide will direct you to the best tutorials, discussion groups, and even books and podcasts for feeding your creative spirit and honing your craft. Tackle challenging technology or learn about your legal rights as a photographer with these tools created by the experts.

For just $10, you can download this guide and have access to fifty tools designed to support different aspects of your career. Feature Shoot has been part of the photo community for more than a decade now, and it took us years to gather our knowledge base; we want to make it easy for you to do the same in just minutes!