1. I’m a photographer. How can I get my work shown on Feature Shoot?
You can submit your photography work through our ‘General Submissions‘ or ‘Exclusives‘ process:

General submissions
Please send 4-5 images at 480 pixels wide, with each image less than 80kb, to [email protected]
You should also send a short bio and an explanation about the work you’re submitting. Put ‘Submissions‘ in the subject line.

Feature Shoot collaborates with photographers all over the world to produce exclusive content for the site. This can be anything from covering an event, to a portrait of a musician, to a still life project with a jello theme, for instance. If you’re interested, please send us a link to your website and let us now where you are based to [email protected] with ‘Exclusives’ in the subject line. You can also pitch ideas for this section, but we will not run existing work or works in progress (please refer to ‘General submissions’ for these projects).

2. What type of work are you looking to run on Feature Shoot?
We run all types of work, from fine art to advertising, student work, to work from the top photographers in the game.

3. I submitted some work to you guys a while ago and have not heard back. Did you get my submission? Why haven’t I heard from you?
Unfortunately, due to the amount of submissions we get, it’s not possible for us to get back to everyone. But please know that your work has been seen. We keep all submissions on file and often run work months after it was first submitted. You will receive an email after we have run your work. Thanks for your patience.

4. Can I submit work more than once to Feature Shoot?
You are welcome to submit new work to the site, but please do not submit the same work over and over again.

5. I want to submit to Feature Shoot, but I don’t have a bio. Is that ok? Can I just send you my CV?
We do not create bios for photographers. If you’d like for someone to create a bio for you, we can recommend some very talented writers who specialize in this. In order for your work to run, we do need a bio. Refer to General Submissions above for more details on requirements.

6. Where do you find the work you run on Feature Shoot?
We get most of the work we spotlight from submissions. We also read many blogs and find work randomly by searching the internet and browsing Gallery spaces. Our favorite sites are listed on our blogroll. If you like what we do, please list Feature Shoot in your blogroll.

7. I have a gallery show/event coming up, can you post this on your site?
We do have an events section where we cover happenings in the photography world. If your opening is going to be something special/out of the ordinary, then drop us a note at [email protected] and tell us all about it.

8. I see that you have advertising on your site, can I advertise my upcoming show/new book/recent work/location for rent, etc. through your site and social networks?
Yes, we have many options available for photographers, studios, and galleries looking to advertise through Feature Shoot. Please check out our advertising page (https://www.featureshoot.com/advertise/) for details.

9. Can you review my portfolio and/or give me advice on my website?
Yes, We do give portfolio reviews for $75/hr with a minimum of 2 hours. Please contact [email protected] for additional details.

10. I’d like to contribute posts about my favorite photographers to Feature Shoot. Can I do that?
Yes. Start by sending us 4 or 5 photographers that you find interesting and that you’d like to profile or see featured. If we like what we see, we will contact you to discuss further. Send your recommendations to: [email protected] with ‘Contributor’ in the subject line.