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The Most Southerly Point in Wales Photographed by Leon West

South Wales-Leon-West photography

Leon West is a South Wales photographer with a wistful heart and a passion for detail. Creating intricate landscapes with an 8×10 Deardorff field camera, he composes visceral images with an ephemeral beauty. A quality ever present in Southernmost, an exploration of the most Southerly point of Wales.

South Wales-Leon-West photography

Photographs Taken from the Back Seats of Abandoned Cars


Photographer Alicia Rius is based in the Netherlands. Her series, From the Back Seat of My Car, is a testament to her vision of viewing abandoned objects as ‘hidden treasures’. She writes: ‘I did not plan this project. I never looked for these cars, and in fact, I think they found me. I wanted to immortalize their beauty and turn the tin in something romantic.’

Photographs of Recyclable Materials by Paccarik Orue


Paccarik Orue is a San Francisco-based contemporary photographer and a recent graduate of The Academy of Art in San Francisco. In this series, Vicious Waste, Orue captivates our senses while raising questions about society and consumerism. He writes:

“After watching Edward Burtynsky’s documentary, ‘Manufactured Landscapes’, I found myself questioning what really happens with the waste where I live in San Francisco. When I visited the local recycling facility I found that most of the recyclable materials collected are being shipped to China instead of being recycled locally. Vicious Waste is a visual exploration of these materials after they’ve been bundled up for shipment.’


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