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‘Not Natasha’: Poignant Photos Chronicling Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Eastern Europe

Dana Popa

Dana Popa did a brave thing. She took her talent for photography and used it to expose an illegal trade, a predominantly hidden industry which depends on selling women for profit. Now an internationally recognised problem, sex trafficking is often compared to the slave trade in its vulgarity and severity and yet there is still a lot to be done to alleviate the problem and get to the point of convicting these criminals and protecting women worldwide. I was interested in Dana’s experience in meeting these survivors and also her thoughts on the difference she believes photography can make to situations like these.

Curator Susan Bright On Motherhood and Photography

Ana-Casas-BrodaPhoto by Ana Casas Broda

Susan Bright is a photography curator currently based in New York. She has become a prominent figurehead in her contribution to photography by showcasing artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium. In doing so she highlights exciting movements within photography and keeps the bar high for the next generation of artists.

Intimate Self-Portraits of Mother and Daughter

aglae bory photography

I fell in love with this work a while ago when I was just starting to think about making my daughter the subject of my new series, Edelweiss. I got the book for Christmas and found the portraits entirely compelling. The light, the colour tones, the subject matter, the intimacy, the tension, the domestic, the carefully calculated composition and the mirroring or reflection of the daughter on her mother and vice versa. I wanted to find out more from someone who successfully made a series on motherhood that was neither corny or clichéd but also to go into more depth about the projects scope as a piece of photographic art.

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