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Photographer Sergei Isaenko Revisits the Soviet Collapse Through Symbolism and Iconography


In August 1991, while living in Vladikavkaz, Russia, my family watched on an old television screen as the tanks rolled over the Red Square in what is now known as the “August Coup”, a civil action to take over the government. Ultimately it led to the final dissolution of the Soviet Union and ushered in the last stage of the Collapse—the tragic ending of an ideological experiment. As the Iron Curtain fell, a mass migration of refugees spread all over the world from under the dying carcass of the Soviet monster in search of a better life.
Sergei Isaenko

We recently talked to Atlanta-based photographer Sergei Isaenko about his series Echoes of the Collapse, an intricate narrative following an unnamed soldier—a character that Isaenko says represents a part of himself and his family that has been lost in time. The series explores perceptions and portrayals of history, and also forges a relationship with what it means to be displaced in a distant culture.

Family Portraits of Somalian Refugees Living in America


Bryan Meltz is a documentary photographer based out of Atlanta. In her series, Resettled, Meltz shares with us an intimate and solemn beauty in her portraits of Arbai Barre Abdi and family, who came to Atlanta to seek refuge from a war torn Somalia. Of her close relationship to Arbai and the work, she writes:

Teenage Girls Photographed in Their Decorative Bedrooms


Rania Matar currently works full-time as a photographer and teaches documentary photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Of her series, A Girl and Her Room, she writes:

‘As a mother of a teenage daughter, I watch her passage from girlhood into adulthood, fascinated with the transformation taking place, the adult personality shaping up and a self-consciousness now replacing the carefree world she had known and lived in so far. I started photographing her and her girlfriends, and quickly realized that they were very aware of each other’s presence, and that their being in a group affected very much whom they were portraying to the world. From there, emerged the idea of photographing each girl alone in her personal space.’

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