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Portraits Before and After Drug Abuse

roman sakovich

London-based photographer Roman Sakovich produced this project ‘Half’ while he was studying photography at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. He photographed subjects in the studio using make-up “in order to explore the outsiders superficial judgement of the same person before and after drug abuse”. After which, he combined the before and after images into one in order to make the change more visible.

Photographs of an African Symphony by Ben Quinton

African Symphony Ben-Quinton

Ben Quinton studied Commercial Photography at the Arts University College Bournemouth. Since his second year of university he has been shooting for the Saturday Telegraph Magazine on a regular basis and more recently working with with Monocle and also the Guardian Weekend.

Camera-less Photography Explores Occurrences of Light

Tom Flynn Stress-Birefringence

Tom Flynn’s work predominantly uses camera-less photography to explore the occurrences of light. Stress Birefringence is caused when rays of light pass through a material with molecules of no uniformity. The speeds of the rays are altered as they pass through the strained or layered material, causing varied occurrences of colour. When put through a photographic enlarger and printed directly onto c-type paper it is possible to magnify the results and look into these intangible details. The ability of the photographic process to capture light as well as distort reality enables these occurrences to be viewed in a way that combines the imaginative with the representational.

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