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Unusual Poses and Unlikely Situations Photographed by Creative Duo, Synchrodogs


Photographers Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven make up the Ukrainian creative duo known as Synchrodogs. Constantly experimenting, the photographers often use budget cameras to shoot their subjects in a variety of unusual poses and unlikely situations. At times, the pair pose for their own imaginative photographs, giving them complete creative control over the staging and modeling of each shoot. The images that emerge from their experimentations are often unexpected and always memorable.

‘Rimes Rhymes’: A Collection of Photographs by Lou Reed

lou-reed rimes rhymes book

Once the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the American rock group The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed has to this day continued to be influential within the music industry as both a solo artist and collaborator. While many dedicated fans know of his contributions to music, others may not know of his growing portfolio of experimental photographs, much of which is showcased in a new book called Rimes Rhymes. The book, recently published by French publisher Éditions Photosynthèses, features over 300 photographs by Reed along with text by Bernard Comment.

Simply Sublime Photos of Exotic and Familiar Flora by Andrew Zuckerman

Couroupita-guianensisCouroupita guianensis

Flower, the latest collection of photographs by Andrew Zuckerman, continues the conservation-minded work that the prolific photographer began in his previous tomes, Creature (2007) and Bird (2009). For his latest project, Zuckerman photographed over 150 beautiful botanicals, investigating species both exotic and familiar. True to Zuckerman’s distinctive style, each photograph is minimalist in nature, showing a subject in isolation against a blank field. In this way, our attentions are drawn solely toward his unique and beautiful flora subjects.

Far Out Hamburgers Created and Photographed by Designers Quentin and Thomas

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersNeil Armstrong Burger (1930-2012)

When French graphic designers Quentin and Thomas grew tired of lunch-as-usual, the creative duo began cooking together. Rather than limit themselves to making your typical hamburger, they played with their food, adding in unusual ingredients like caviar, octopus, and even gold foil. Before long, the pair had created a vast array of unique burgers inspired by everything from popular cartoons to movie releases. While many of these Fat and Furious Burgers are not quite fit for consumption, they certainly are a feast for the eyes.

Photographer Uses Liquid Nitrogen in ‘Shattered Flowers’ Series

Jon Shireman

New York-based fine art photographer Jon Shireman has turned the concept of a traditional still life on its head more than once before, but this time he does it in an explosive way. For his Broken Flowers series, the photographer soaked various flowers in liquid nitrogen for up to 30 minutes before launching them into a hard surface and photographing their beautiful demise.

A Cast of Characters Photographed on British Streets

Niall McDiarmid

London-based photographer Niall McDiarmid has a knack for finding interesting characters among the crowd and photographing them in a way that highlights their individual quirks and charms. For the past 18 months, McDiarmid has been creating Crossing Paths, an ongoing, long-term portrait series documenting the looks and lives of unique people he encounters throughout his travels around the UK. Although the project began in London, it has since branched out to include snapshots of over 500 people taken in more than 75 towns around the country.

Becoming a Woman: Striking Side-By-Side Portraits of Teens and Transgender Women

Charlie-White photography

As part of a multi-year project called “The Girl Studies,” Charlie White photographed teen girls between the ages of 12 and 14 side-by-side with male to female transgender adults. In each image, the paired individuals stand out against a non-descript background, making their similarities in appearance all the more evident. Ultimately, the mini-series is a comparative study of two paths toward womanhood, one biological and the other surgical/chemical in nature.

The Fluorescent People: A Unique Look at a Remote Community in Northern Thailand

Marc-Lathuilliere photography

Based out of Paris, reporter-turned-photographer Marc Lathuilliere travelled to the small village of Ban Sam Kula, Thailand to capture his recent series, “The Fluorescent People.”

Parisian Men Photographed in Their Stylish Surrounds

Baudouin Irié, fashion designer, FrenchIrié, fashion designer

A young performer stands beside books and records piled high, his clothes scorched for reasons unknown. A fashion designer gazes stoically at the photographer’s lens while a toothy reptile lurks near his feet. Holding his skateboard, a sociologist returns to the room he lived in as a child.

Elaborately Styled and Wildly Imaginative Portraits of “13 Queens”


Together, Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier form the dynamic, creative duo that is AlexandFelix, the masterminds behind the wildly imaginative “13 Queens” series. Based out of Lucerne, Switzerland, the collaborators have been creating absurd, surreal worlds and characters together for over twelve years.

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