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Portraits of Mexican Farmers Working in Agave Fields


I went to the agave fields to shoot the jimadores on their schedule and under their terms. Every situation was different but everyone was kind and respectful, though doubtful at times.

Qatar’s Skyline Photographed by Chris Johnson

Qatar skyline chris johnson photography

Chris Johnson is a travel photographer based out of New York City.  His latest personal project was shot while on location in Qatar along the city of Doha’s booming skyline. Using traditional zone system techniques, Johnson isolated each building by blowing the backgrounds out creating a digital file that required no masking and little adjustment. He explains:

Matt Harbicht Photographs What Remains of a Used Car Lot in Hollywood


Matt Harbicht is a Southern California native who has been working in the Los Angeles photo industry for the last decade photographing actors, musicians and TV personalities in addition to shooting personal projects as far away as South Africa and Cuba. His most recent project documents the closing of a successful and respected car lot in his neighborhood. The series ‘Hollywood Ford’ is a beautifully shot insight into the uncertainty of the modern economic climate.

Yosemite Photographed by Scott Mansfield


Landscape Photographer Scott Mansfield lives in San Francisco, where he is conveniently surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring views California has to offer. Sometimes spending up to two weeks photographing in the wilderness, he is able to create images of familiar locations from non traditional vantage points. Mansfield writes:

Portraits of Falcons by Bill Sallans


Bill Sallans is a native Texan who grew up around Houston on the Gulf Coast. After studying photography in Southern California at the Brooks Institute, he moved to Austin where he works as an editorial photographer. Sallans’ latest series, simply known as ‘Falcon Portraits’, is a comment on the interconnectivity of man and nature. Sallans writes:

‘I am concerned with conservation. It has been my experience that hunters and sportsmen can be some of the most passionate stewards of the land. Falconry started as a way to supplement a limited diet, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between falconer and falcon. I think that relationship between man and nature is still at the core of falconry today.’


Photographs of Abandoned Hoops and Rims

Casey Dunn photography

Casey Dunn is an Austin-based architectural photographer whose personal series, Hoop Dreams, picks up where childhood dreams and nostalgia leave off by revisiting the sites of abandoned hoops and rims he encounters on his journeys across the American landscape. Dunn writes:

‘When I was eight years old my dad came home with a fiber glass basketball goal and put it up in our backyard. After a couple of hours of grunting and swearing he tossed me a ball and said “shoot with your wrist” and walked inside. I spent hundreds of hours out there over the next ten years avoiding family functions and shooting hoops on that rim. As I started to travel a bit more, I started to notice more and more back yard goals that had fallen into disrepair the same way my childhood rim had. I loved the idea that some other kid had spent countless hours dreaming while shooting baskets the same way I did. This series is a collection of their basketball goals.’

Casey Dunn photography

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