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Compelling Action Portraits of Men with Handguns


I made eight photographs of different men in my neighborhood. I gave each man a hand-gun and asked him to make an action pose. In our contemporary state of affairs every action is a performance. We are inundated with an endless repetition of imagery. We find ourselves re-watching what we have already seen, whether it be another episode of CSI or the endless 24-hour news cycle of conflict around the globe. We are constantly looking at the same picture: a guy with a gun.

Set in the Desert Sand Dunes, Photos Explore Themes of Freedom and Resurrection


I once heard the Dalai Lama say in lecture that each second we live is a new reincarnation. New York-based photographer Jim Mangan seems to embrace this idea on a very fundamental level. Mangan explores the cycles of life in his dharma-influenced photographs—birth, death and rebirth being the central themes.

Photographer Embarks on the Great American Road Trip and Finds a Country “Falling Short”

noel camardo

Throughout the history of photography, many photographers have set out by car to explore the U.S. It has almost become a right of passage. Brooklyn-based photographer Noel Camardo is no exception. U.S.A. is his recent project in which he attempts the great American roadtrip; his journey and lens capturing a neutral and unassuming look at the paradoxes he found along the way.

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