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Contemplative Photos Document Life Along Australia’s Longest Waterway


At 2530km, the Murray River is Australia’s longest waterway, meandering through the country from the Snowy Mountains to the Southern Ocean. Over the many decades since European settlement, the river has become a wrought system of dams, weirs and channels that have restricted and politicized its flow. Melbourne-based photographer Daniel Boetker-Smith combines portraits, still-lifes and landscapes to create The Murray River Project, a modern-day compendium of stories found along the Murray, journeying into environmental and social landscapes that stretch along it. Employing strategies of chronological anarchy, the project’s unfolding narrative is a poignant cue for storytelling that is non-linear and multi-layered—like life, like memory, or like the river.

Powerful Portraits of Teen Mothers in Australia


Raphaela Rosella is a documentary photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Following on from We met a little early but I get to love you longer, her new series You didn’t take away my future, you gave me a new one urges us deeper still into the world of three young (Australian) mothers: Nunjul, Tammara and Rowrow. Exploring the realities of cyclic disadvantage and limited choice, a certain quietness within the images begs us to take our time and take a long look—not only at the images, but at ourselves, urging us to question our readiness to pass judgement, to stigmatise, to stereotype. With a profound clarity and gentleness of vision, Rosella tells a story of loss and of hope, of vulnerability and of resilience. You didn’t take away my future, you gave me a new one is an account of love, of waiting, and of the passing of time.

Hazy Landscapes Photographed by Svetlana Bailey


Sydney-based photographer Svetlana Bailey’s quiet, poetic images of hazy landscapes assume a sense of mystery. Through the occurrence of fog, the familiar is at once transformed into the unacquainted—much like when one’s backyard becomes something else entirely when covered in a blanket of snow—evoking the obscure and shifting the seen into something felt.

Photos of Suburban Life in Central Queensland, Australia


Kelly Hussey-Smith and Alan Hill are two photographers based in Brisbane, Australia. Working individually and collaboratively, they seek to tell stories about the human condition. In Central Queensland Project, the photographers explore an economically powerful region of Australia largely unknown to the outside world.

Georgia Metaxas’ Portraits of Women in Perpetual Mourning


In her tender and strikingly understated series The Mourners, Melbourne-based photographer Georgia Metaxas allows us insight into a world of ritual, culture, memory and loss. In remembrance of those they have lost, the women in these images wear black for the rest of their lives ‘as a sign of perpetual mourning’.

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