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Irresistible Portraits of Little Japanese Girls Posing with Fruit


In this light-hearted and stunning series, Japanese advertising and fashion photographer Osamu Yokonami showcases 100 portraits of little girls from 3.5 to 5 years old. His goal is to magnify the individuality of the each child by taking pictures of them in the same clothing with a fruit on their left shoulder.

Magical Portraits of Identical Icelandic Twins

Ariko Inaoka

Strongly drawn to the powerful relationship between twins, Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka began taking photographs of Icelandic twin sisters, Erna and Hrefna, in 2009. For almost four years now, she has established a strong connection with the twins. There was no cultural barrier because the twins speak fluent English. She describes them as confident, innocent, and intelligent.

Evocative ‘Souvenir’ Photos Arranged by Mood and the Color Blue

Leo Berne

I take pictures like a tourist, mostly to create nice images and souvenirs, but in a way, I feel that photography is a weak way to help you to remember. It creates images that become stronger than your souvenirs or memories and consumes them. With time, I find myself trying to recreate the memories starting from the picture, instead of including the picture inside the true memory.—Leo Berne

Paris-based photographer Leo Berne has an interesting theory about photographs: they are the simplest way to make a memory, yet they can’t really be trusted. Betty Blue is a series shot in his signature souvenir-making style but compiled together based on mood and color, essentially making them random in terms of place and time while disconnecting them from actual memories.

Paulina Otylie Surys’ Fashionable Portrayals of Pulchritude (NSFW)

Paulina-Otylie-Surys photography

Paulina Otylie Surys is a Polish London-based fine art and fashion photographer who combines phantasm of film photography and the beauty of painting to create exquisite images. Her first book, a monographic album, was recently released by Paulsen Editions.

The Spellbinding Fashion Photographs of Ellen Rogers

ellen-rogers photography

Ellen Rogers is a fashion photographer and filmmaker from London. Aberrant Necropolis, a two-year collection of her photographs, is her first book. We interviewed her about her inspirations and collaborations with partner, Prizme.

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