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Cool Animated Fashion GIFs by Reed + Rader

reed and rader animated gif

The animated GIFs of NYC-based duo Reed + Rader speak to the multitasking culture of contemporary image consumption. In a time where still photography is rapidly changing, Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader bring moving images to the world of fashion and advertising.

Photographs of Animal Skeletons Inspired by the Gulf Oil Spill

Deborah Samuel photographyBarred Owl

Deborah Samuel is a Canadian photographer currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After an impressive career in commercial photography, Deborah now focuses exclusively on her personal photographic practice. Her latest body of work, Elegy, suggests the poetic intricacy of lives once lived. Rising above scientific documentation, the images reflect Samuel’s compassionate consideration of the natural world. Elegy is currently on exhibition in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum and will also be a feature in the 2012 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

Deborah Samuel photographyArmadillo

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