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Gritty Fashion Story Inspired by the Downtrodden


“Trashed” is a series that came together when Christopher Klettermayer combines elements of fashion with the grunge of a homeless lifestyle. Through the careful styling of Felix Leblhuber and Klettermayer’s well though out shots, this series created for Bambi Magazine exemplifies the contradiction of a downtrodden yet radiantly defiant spirit.

Graphic Fruit and Veggie Collages Photographed by Food Blogger Julie Lee

food-collage Julie Lee

Los Angeles based food blogger Julie Lee likes to document her culinary adventures and farmers market travels with her iPhone. Unexpected concoctions from ginger-molasses ketchup to guava smoked sea salt can be found in her graphic Instagram collages. The shots, which would make amazing wallpaper, also come with little tips related to creative cooking.

Long Exposures Capture Three Years of New York City Life in One Image

Michael Wesley

When you hear the term “long exposure”, you probably don’t expect it to mean a long exposure process that takes 2-3 years to complete. But in the case of Berlin-based photographer Michael Wesely, a long exposure photo is quite a time commitment. With the help of different filters and an incredibly low aperture setting, Wesely captures the changing scenery of a city scape under construction. Open Shutter seem to literally capture time in these photos documenting the huge facelift undertaken on the MoMA between 2001 and 2004.

Before and After Portraits of New York City Burlesque Performers

Van Sarki

Brooklyn based photographer Van Sarki’s Burlesque Compere series is a set of portraits that juxtapose made-up, glittering burlesque stars with their stripped down, naked portraits. The series documents more than 20 performers from the New York burlesque crowd and delivers an unexpected intimate view of this world.

Ahn Jun Precariously Balances on Skyscrapers in Dizzying Self-Portrait Series


These self portraits by Ahn Jun bring to mind the skywalking trend and capture the dizzying energy of modern skyscrapers. Jun uses the unsettling power of heights to grab our attention, but it’s the details that really captivate as she plays with the contrast of soft, silky fabric and the hard, industrial backdrop of an urban setting. Her delicate figure appears young and helpless as she balances precariously in the ledges of different tall buildings.

‘Thinspiration’ Portraits Shine Light on Disturbing Online ProAna Community

laia abril

Laia Abril began photographing the images of the emaciated girls that appeared on her computer screen when she began researching Thinspiration. She took her computer into a dark room, as if she were doing a fashion shoot, and began collecting portraits of the ProAna online community. Through the photographs she captured of anorexic subjects we are taken into private bedrooms, bathrooms, and the very mindset of the disorder.

‘Hiding in the City’: New Camouflage Self-Portraits by Liu Bolin


Liu Bolin has mastered the art of invisibility. His secret? Patience. Bolin will spend as many as 10 hours preparing for a photo. He poses as his assistants carefully paint his suit to help him blend into the background. Once the process is complete, ‘The Invisible Man’ is almost impossible to spot due to the fact that even the tiniest of cracks and imperfections are copied onto his suit. His most recent series, Hiding in the City, is absolutely amazing. I can’t help but feel like I’m witness some sort of clever Photoshop trick.

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