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A Photographer’s Attempt to Preserve Family Memories After a Devastating Fire


I photographed these objects to catalogue the items that were not salvageable and to preserve the memories that these objects evoke so they are not lost forever. It was a difficult and emotional journey discovering destroyed childhood treasures and the remains of family objects, some that had histories dating back to the 1920’s.—Delena Nathuran

Happy Medium Photo Co. is a series by New Zealand-based photographer Delena Nathuran. A life-changing event occurred in Nathuran’s family when a devastating fire consumed the garage at the family home a few years ago. The photographs and personal ephemera Nathuran managed to recover, mainly from her predeceased maternal grandmother and father, piece together the remaining memories associated with her loved ones. The act of sifting through the wreckage and photographing the remnants signified a renewed grieving process for Nathuran, working through emotions that evoke sadness, despair and remembrance.

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