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Cliffhangers and Quandaries Posed by Photographer Bryson Rand


Phoenix-born photographer Bryson Rand is an army brat, and I suspect moving around a lot while he was growing up has had an effect on his work. He freezes disparate moments of suspense, often seeming to focus on interpersonal relationships and family structure. It’s hard to define exactly what makes his pictures so good or what holds them together, except that they are in the middle of the moment, on the way to a conclusion, lurching and sputtering wildly, and at the same time they are silent, like a plane stalling out in mid-air. Rand is currently pursuing an MFA at Yale University, and we recently talked to him about his work.

Photographer’s Bold Nudes of Gay Men in Minneapolis (NSFW)

Benjamin Fredrickson

Artist Benjamin Fredrickson spent 5 years documenting his personal journey of sexuality and identity through photographing other gay men in everyday surroundings. Minneapolis is both private and honest, Fredrickson’s subjects ranging from close personal friends to men he met while working as an escort. The lifestyle enabled him to be financially independent, but also to explore what he discovered through these sexual encounters. Frequently bothered by the overly glamorized and perfectionistic portrayal of gay males, Fredrickson’s eye searches for the genuine perspective. Recently seroconverting, the photographer has become even more passionate about expressing himself and the lives of others, determined to capture their lives free of prejudice and bias.

Curran Hatleberg’s Intimate Photos of Strangers Met on Road Trips Across America

Curran Hatleberg

Taking pictures while drifting back and forth along the continental United States, Yale MFA graduate Curran Hatleberg has created a photographic world that can only be described as American. From his vantage point a world of dichotomies and contradictions is revealed to us. His America is at once harsh yet inviting, familiar and utterly perplexing. Beneath a sense of foreboding lives one of hope and possibility. The people have transfixing, unremarkable faces. We feel we are witnessing truths while simultaneously experiencing disbelief. Radiance breaks through a layer of grit and neglect. The commonplace becomes transcendent. Hatleberg takes responsibility only for guiding us into the fringes before slipping away, leaving us to navigate his world on our own. We recently spoke to him about the work.

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