Anna Goldwater Alexander of WIRED, [@annagoldwater] / June 25, 26, 27


Brad Ogbonna, [@bradogbonna] / June 28, 29, 39

It’s time for BBQs, fireworks and

a new line up of Guest Instagrammers. We follow Anna Goldwater Alexander of WIRED out west, get a taste summer in the city with Brad Ogbonna, explore San Juan with Kyle Johnson, celebrate Independence Day with Feature Shoot’s Lindsay Comstock and come back home to Brooklyn with artist Leah Schrager.

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Kyle Johnson [@kjphotos1022] / July 1, 2, 3


Lindsay Comstock [@visualmusings] / July 4, 5, 6


Leah Schrager [@leahschrager] / July 7, 8, 9