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Celestial Chromogenic Photograms by Meghann Riepenhoff

Meghann-Riepenhoff photography

Instar, Meghann Riepenhoff’s latest chromogenic photograms, is a collection that can be more easily described as ‘surreal’. With all the photos being taken in complete darkness, the outcome of any given piece is often a surprise. The final product of this is something along the continuum of phenomenal and comforting.

F. & D. Cartier’s Pink-Hued Fashion Photograms

f&d-cartier photograms fashion

Husband-and-wife duo, F. & D. Cartier started working together in 1998. They are well known for their pink-hued photograms—cameraless photographs made by placing personal objects, in this case feminine fashion items, in contact with a black-and-white photosensitive paper surface. The result are these sexy and dreamy images which can be seen in their book Roses.