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‘A Bad Day’: Powerful Photographs Document the Daily Life of a Woman with Bulimia



For her multimedia project A Bad Day, photographer Laia Abril catalogs the day-to-day life of a 21-year-old named Jo, a woman suffering from bulimia, an eating disorder that has consumed her thoughts and dictated her behaviors. In her soft, quiet images, the artist hopes to shatter stereotypes about those suffering from eating disorders, framing her courageous subject without judgement or pity and finding moments of warmth and empathy within psychological chaos. Jo’s obsession isn’t with being thin; she purges to keep from gaining weight from the large amounts of food she consumes. In the morning, Jo wakes up with the intention of making it a good day, but as the hours persist, the compulsive ritual of binging and purging cruelly takes over.

‘Thinspiration’ Portraits Shine Light on Disturbing Online ProAna Community

laia abril

Laia Abril began photographing the images of the emaciated girls that appeared on her computer screen when she began researching Thinspiration. She took her computer into a dark room, as if she were doing a fashion shoot, and began collecting portraits of the ProAna online community. Through the photographs she captured of anorexic subjects we are taken into private bedrooms, bathrooms, and the very mindset of the disorder.