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‘Fruitland’ a Group Show of Strange Fruit Photos, Opening at Photoville, Brooklyn

Athos-BurezAthos Burez
Still Life III
16 x 20 in.
Archival Pigment Print
Edition 2 of 5

Is it strange that when I look at certain fruit I find myself a bit aroused. Almost like it’s trying to seduce me. By overwhelming my senses. Like it wants to be devoured. Like we’re meant to be together. Fruit tempts us with enlightenment. We’ve struggled to portray their beauty. Crossed lands to find them. Fought wars over them. But somewhere along the way we’ve stripped them of their power. Reduced to a still life, fruit has become predictable. Or has it?
The Fruit Hunters, 2012

Feature Shoot is pleased to present the group exhibition, Fruitland, a collection of strange still life photographs of fruit by 20 international photographers, at this year’s Photoville Festival in Brooklyn. Much like picking the perfect piece of ripe, delicious-looking fruit from a tree, I’ve spent the last year searching hundreds of photographers’ websites for the freshest and strangest takes on nature’s sweetener. Perhaps as a response or antidote to the labored and moody Dutch still life-inspired food photography that has been proliferating in galleries over the past decade, young photographers are now challenging themselves to take a regular piece of fruit and make it special, adding an array of strange, unique twists.

Featuring Athos Burez, Catherine Losing, Christian Hagemann, Daan Brand, Daniel Evans and Brendan Baker, Daniel Stier, Dominic Davies, Federico Ciamei, Florent Tanet, Gilda Davidian, Heather Rasmussen, Kyoko Hamada, Maciek Pozoga, Maryanne Casasanta, Mate Moro and Aron Filkey, Maxime Guyon, Nico Krijno, and Wyne Veen.

Striking Portraits from a Multicultural London

Daniel-Stier photography

Forty percent of all Londoners were not born in the UK. This phenomenon is the starting point of In My Country – a series of portraits depicting immigrants living in London.

In each portrait Pakistanis, Poles, Ghanaians, Indians, Peruvians all don their national dress. The dress serves as a symbol of their cultural heritage and lends their portraits a timeless quality. All of the subjects pose within their own familiar surroundings, backdrops of everyday life: a neighborhood street, a dining room, a front porch.

The Hair World Cup photographed by Daniel Stier


Photographer Daniel Stier lives and works in London. This series of portraits was shot in Paris at the World Hairdressing Championships where teams from as far as Colombia and Thailand travel to Paris battle it out every four years.