Alyssa Coppelman

Photo: Sandy Carson

Alyssa Coppelman is a photo editor based in Austin, Texas. She is a regular picture researcher for Harper’s Magazine, and was their Assistant Art Director before moving to Austin in 2011. She has written for Slate’s photo blog Behold and Hatje Cantz’s fotoblog. She edits photographer’s portfolios and has done picture research for Oxford American, Foreign Affairs, various book covers, and has consulted on photo books. Before getting into the publishing industry, Alyssa worked in film production in art department and wardrobe, and still watches what could easily be considered too many movies.

Matthew Leifheit

Photo: Matthew Leifheit

Matthew Leifheit is the Photo Editor of Vice magazine. In addition to contributing articles to Feature Shoot and TIME Magazine’s Lightbox blog, Leifheit self-publishes Matte Magazine, a platform for established and emerging artists that has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art library in New York.

Laura Barisonzi

Photo: Helen Trompeteler

Helen Trompeteler is Associate Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London. She has contributed research to major exhibitions including Man Ray Portraits (NPG, 2013) and curated a diverse range of displays including on photographers Jane Bown, Dmitri Kasterine, Mary McCartney, Michael Peto and Lord Snowdon. She has previously been a selector for exhibitions with the Association of Photographers and London Independent Photography, and has written for a variety of online and printed photography magazines including Of the Afternoon and Photomonitor.


Photo: Emma Kisiel

Emma Kisiel is a photographic artist and author of the blog and online artist index, Muybridge’s Horse. Both in her own work and the artists featured on her blog, she is interested in the ways in which humans experience animals and nature, particularly death’s role in this interaction. Kisiel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography from the University of Colorado, Denver. She is currently based in Lawrence, Kansas, and travels the U.S. frequently by car, always ready to venture into a natural history museum and keeping an eye out for what lies on the side of the road.

Bianca-Olivia Nita

Photo: Bianca-Olivia Nita

Bianca-Olivia Nita is a freelance writer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. One of her main interests is the way photographs and documentaries influence our understanding of the world around us. She writes about documentaries for a number of magazines including DOX Magazine and Point of View and has her own blog called Passepartout. As a born Romanian she has a love for the Eastern European feel, and the bitter-sweet stories coming from that region. She secretly writes bitter-sweet stories herself, and one day she will let others read them as well.

Laura Barisonzi

Photo: Laura Barisonzi

Laura Barisonzi is a portrait and sports photographer based in NYC. Starting out as a painter, she now spends hours on a digital tablet instead of inhaling turpentine fumes, shooting for clients like Dove, Hemispheres, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, Runner’s World, and Newsweek. She has lived for short stints in Chile, China, and Russia, and though still addicted to travel, she is slightly less tolerant of overnight buses on bumpy roads than she used to be.

Helen Grace Ventura Thompson

Photo: Helen Grace Ventura Thompson

Helen Grace Ventura Thompson is a passionate food and still life photographer and writer based in London. She loves all things related to food and photography because it combines her two very favorite things. When she’s not writing about herself in the third person she writes for a number of food and photography blogs and online magazines. Encouraged by the 1st class degree she received from the University of Gloucestershire, Helen writes a blog on the history of food photography The history of food photography – It isn’t a little subject, bringing together the many disparate sources on the food photography genre. Her greatest achievements to date are being named Winner of the Fine Art Still Life category of Sony World Photography Awards in 2012, being able to say the alphabet backwards and knowing all the words to the B52’s song ‘Love Shack.’

Photo: Kayla Chobotiuk

Photo: Kayla Chobotiuk

Kayla Chobotiuk is a photographer, photo editor and occasional writer who splits her time between Toronto and Montreal. Her fondest memories come from a year living in London, England while studying journalism and photographing the cities best markets. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, located in the lesser known London, Canada. Her main interests lie in portrait and documentary photography.

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