Using Instagram to Cope with Grief, Photographer Jennifer Loeber Creates a Poignant Tribute to Her Mother’s Life



Left Behind is a beautiful still life and archival photo series by photographer Jennifer Loeber that touches on memory, love, loss and grief. After her mother’s sudden passing, “I found myself deeply overwhelmed by the need to keep even the most mundane of my Mom’s belongings,” says Loeber in her artist statement. Often a common source of grief surrounding the death of loved ones are the objects that remain after they are gone. Rather than finding comfort and good memories, the items — a tube of Revlon lipstick, a Kodak brownie, a pair of slippers — all became a source of deep sadness and anxiety.

Through photography, Loeber was eventually able to find emotional release. She would share photos of her mother’s belongings on Instagram as a way to diminish their sentiment and lessen her emotional attachment towards them. She then thoughtfully paired each image in the series with an archival photo — usually taken by her father — that had some relation to the object. The result is a special tribute to her mother’s life.










  • AC

    Finally you’ve featured something wonderful. Took you long enough #FS. I’m still cleaning my palette after that atrocious story of the naked girl dry humping farm animals.

  • B Sal

    What an amazing photo series. Thank you. As a woman who was (obviously?) once a girl watching her mother put makeup on in the mirror, I find the shots of the lipstick and blush most striking for me personally. It would be awesome to turn one of them into a painting ( Very simple, powerful images.

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