Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

Jose & Ainara

After several conversations with (male) friends about how relationships between men and women have changed since their parent’s generation, Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte had a brilliant idea for a photo series. He wanted to make images that showed not only the equality of balance in heterosexual relationships, but also the feeling of confusion the male may be experiencing with this change. He began this series, which he calls The Men Under the Influence by taking photos of couples together in the same image. After some time, he realized that a more effective image was to photograph the man alone, dressed in his girlfriends clothing in their shared apartment or house. Uriarte photographed the series over a period of three years in both the US and Spain.

Javi & Gabi

Santi & Sabela

Matias & Sarah

Marcos & Lucia

Victor & Ana

Carlos & Naia

Steve & Fonlin

Feature Shoot Contributing Editor Julia Sabot is the Associate Photo Editor at Dwell.

  • Interesting idea, but it seems to miss the mark. It feels a bit one-sided to me. Co-habitation is about two people, and these days, often it is the man pushing for the cohabitation and the woman wanting to maintain her own residence. Maybe as a balancing out, the next part of this series cold be women in their boyfriend’s clothing.

  • Seasonn

    Really??? Brilliant is not the word I would use for this set of photos. Did the men choose the clothes or did the photographer? Yikes…

  • Ghislain

    Come on. You must be kinding. They don’t really wear that out of home ! Because it’s just so ugly. I do like the androgyne kind of look, but much more like David Bowie featuring Ziggy Stardust. On the pics, these guys just look weird…

  • Soliloque

    People might unleash on me, but if my boyfriend were ever to wear my clothes.. he’d just look like he had taken 20 pounds and is a bit tight in his clothes. We dress very similarly (pairs of converse, a jeans and a music band shirt, yea!). I do have a few ”feminine” clothes but I wear mostly jeans,t-shirts, shirts and i’m very happy about it. I think women are ridiculous to dress ”like women” and that in is a form of consumerism and brainwashing through media.

  • amd

    Meh. They just look like your standard hipsters.

  • this is adorable!!!

  • Virginia Kelley

    Terrific and done perfectly – there’s no kind of provocative gesture here, the men look as if they are wearing almost randomly chosen girlfriend’s clothes, i.e. what the girlfriend usually wear or had on that day.

    As to all the fuss about how they fit into them, I am guessing that anybody who’s done a fashion shoot can tell you that it is not extremely impossible to put a person into a garment in such a way that it can be convincingly photographed from one angle (only!) as if it fits.

  • That’s quite an interesting concept. I have to admit though, the first thing that came into my mind was what the respective girlfriends were feeling when their men tried to fit into their shoes.

  • Eliza Steinberg

    I found myself thinking how gorgeous each and every one of them is!

  • Lena

    Post 5 – embarrassingly for you, the apostrophe is correct and you are wrong. Girlfriends= plural. Girlfriends’ = plural possessive. The apostrophe goes after the S.

  • Tora Victoria

    It would have been great to see the girls also wearing the same clothes for comparison.

  • Annie

    @Ryan, Both artists demonstrate something different. Those guys being photographed with their girlfriends show different emotions.

  • Hannes

    to me all these pictures look like the same old Hipsters, it’s uniformity at its best, if I didn’t know that those were there girlfriends’ clothes I would have never guessed

  • Julie

    That IS the proper way to use apostrophe’s. You really showed your intellectual genius-ness by posting that to the world. How do you spell duuuuh?

  • bjorn

    the pictures are beautiful, men in dresses are beautiful. i dont get the thing about the influence in the relationship. i dont see it in the pictures. and under that aspect i find it difficult that the absence of the female part of the heterorelationship has been replaced with the choths of the girlfriend. isnt that underlinig the stereotyped role-pictures to see women as a nice accesoir, that has to be beutiful, like a nice dress or nice shoes and thats it. the pictures stand for themselves why do you make this relationship-story around. does it better cell?

  • Jim

    Very compelling. And it ‘works’.

  • Ayn

    I find it interesting how the men seem to take on the expressions of the clothes, especially in revealing a sense of vulnerability and reservation. For me, there is a more interesting conversation beyond the relationships heterosexual couples have between themselves, but moreso how the clothes have almost an expression/emotion/social behavior attached to them – it informs the wearer how to wear/pose in the clothes as well as how society views that wearer.

    Also, I adamently object to the idea that this study here: is better than the one on this page. The former lacks skill in lighting in composition and the pattern is so completely default and uninteresting, I find it hard to believe how a viewer does not end up mindlessly scrolling downward after the first 3 or 4 images. It lacks a conversation beyond the obvious which is unbearably repeated over and over again.

  • karen

    I was away for a week, for the first time ever. My youngest was crying hysterically about how much he missed me that first morning, to the point where my husband couldn’t calm him down. My daughters said he disappeared for a few minutes and returned wearing a dress I once wore in a wedding. My middle daughter said the irony was that it was not something they’d ever seen me in, but it was funny anyway. =)

    This work, of course, really speaks to me in the sense that my husband is very much involved in their day-to-day growth and nurturing and despite the fact that we are indeed living a traditional configuration (I stay at home and he works) we do not live/live that concept.

  • Cynthia

    It is interesting to see that a man can and will fit into his girlfriends clothes…. it is quite funny to see the looks on their faces of either discomfort , or just plan not to sure… either way it was a brave project for them… I am impressed.

  • Lisa


    Most of the men look a little concerned and slightly disturbed. What kind of expression would the girlfriends have, wearing their boyfriends clothes?

  • I stay home. I do all the cooking, most of the grocery shopping, all of the laundry. She works. This at no time has caused either of us any confusion about our roles, nor do I have any desire to wear her clothing. Though, of course, in all of my relationships the female half never had any problem “borrowing” mine at need.

    There is also a lot of information missing here. Who chose these couples and how? Who chose the outfits? Do these men cross dress on other occasions – actually that last one seems to be answered pretty clearly in these illustrations. But obviously this is only a selection. Were they paid?

  • Mio

    It looks so natural, no ridiculing undertone like how men in dresses are stereotypically portrayed with. Just beautiful.

  • Ha ha ha, what an original and hilarious concept. I am sure the girlfriends had a laugh. Well done to the boys who participate. Would have taken a lot of B*** to do it. Well done.

  • MG

    I’m afraid I simply don’t understand the point of this photo series other than to show how creepy some guys look wearing their girlfriends’ clothing.

    How does this depict “relationship equality”? To me it doesn’t. Maybe if both of them were in the picture together wearing the exact same clothing? Though that might be equally weird.

    Clearly I just don’t get it…

  • MG

    @Lisa: Considering men’s wardrobes seems probably more restrictive than women’s (jeans, t-shirts,sweaters, shorts, boxers, briefs and not a ton else other than maybe sneakers & work boots), I’m guessing the women wouldn’t look all that perturbed since they tend to wear much the same things, in addition to about a billion other things that men DON’T generally wear.

    How many clothing items are generally considered culturally “male-only”? Probably not nearly as many as clothes deemed “female only”…

    Think about it. What do men wear that women typically don’t / can’t? Jock straps? Briefs? Uhh, beyond that, what other truly male-only (or predominately male) items are there? Can’t think of much.

    Women on the other hand, you’ve got bras & panties and garter belts and dresses and halter tops and fur coats and shawls and high heels (not to mention various jewelry), etc. etc.

    Seems like men have a somewhat more restrictive set of fashion options than women do. Women can wear pretty much anything. Men can probably only wear about half of it without being thought ‘odd.’ Yeah? πŸ˜‰

  • Rislaine
  • Snippy

    Most of them have sheepish expressions and look like they lost a bet. (Except for the first guy–he looks like a cross-dressing serial killer.)

  • Shinta Nopiyanti

    That so amazing πŸ™‚
    I like it

  • Alberto H

    OMG!!! This is genius!!! I loved it! πŸ™‚

  • bribbio

    “the feeling of confusion the male may be experiencing with this change”?? wtf??????

  • Ellen

    They all look amazing. It’s interesting that gender stereotypes are so strong that we naturally think males shouldn’t wear skirts, flowers, tight cardigans, etc., but these men, in those clothes, look comfortable and right. The outfits cease to look feminine and instead look likean expression of their wearers.

  • N

    Honestly, I would not like it if my honey could fit in my clothes like some of the guys in this series.

    Overall, I don’t think this gave me a window into equality in relationships. I’ve known for a very long time that our clothing choices are a cultural construct representative of our understanding of gender. Whether or not gender is a purely cultural construct or has genetic influence is another discussion with equality as yet another.

  • Boomacboom

    Another imbecilic attempt to cheapen both manhood and femininity . It’s meaningless; despite those who are “moved” by this nonsense .

  • annabelle

    all I can think of after looking at the pictures is:
    so what?

  • Tracy Jacks

    Why are they all so sad in these pictures?

  • robyn elliman

    I find these pictures disturbing.I am not against men wearing ladies clothing but I feel the male should at the very least get rid of the horribly hairy look.

  • DK

    MG – because it’s okay for a woman to be like a man, but never for a man to be like a woman.

  • patti

    I don’t get it other than some of the men seem to be getting in touch with their feminine side. If more men did that this would be a much different world. What is the fear of that?

  • Tracy J., just what I was thinking!

    Why. So. Serious??

  • Julia

    the title is very misleading. this should be titled “the white hipster men under the influence.”

    as it is, this is uninspiring. I’d like to see this done with more different types of people.

  • Denise

    Why is everyone so negative about this post? I think everyone is missing the point here. L-O-V-E.

  • Carlos

    as @MG points out, that is true, and as man, I really feel restricted on my “acceptable” clothing limits. Most of men’s nowadays cloathing trends are based on old military desings, so that leaves so few options for us.

    and that “form of consumerism and brainwashing through media” said by @Soliloque, really? Maybe, my personal point of view goes more for a barroquish way of thinking. I do think that everybody looks nicer wearing fancy clothes, so the problem for me is not about girls, actually nobody gives a shit about you wearing jeans, but somebody would just insult me if I would wear a skirt or a diadem. So my point is that the 21th century gender issue is no longuer a male-female issue, but the whole gender obsession thing.

  • Nice work, the photos made me laugh AND think.

  • Leah

    My conclusion after extensive analysis of these photographs: men look TERRIBLE in women’s clothing!

  • “Unsurprising portraits of bohemian white men in their 20s doing something androgynous.”

    I bet this is one of the lesser feminine things these men do during the day of the photo shoot. And I should know, I’m one of them.

  • Andjela

    I found this interesting in making me wonder about who their partner was; I basically thought that she would be very much their female counterpart, so essentially them in the clothes yes πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Nice work!

    On a side note, this makes me think of the similar effect that Cyril Hahn’s remixes have of songs like “Say My Name”, where he basically uses the female vocals and in the mix makes them male, so it’s a very feminine lyric sang by a guy… the effect is wonderful and interesting to think of though.

    Also I like how the comments are in times new roman font; makes me feel sophisticated even if saying that took away sophistication lol.

  • Andrew

    Thank you, Denise. πŸ™‚

    Ladies, how would you feel if your husband/boyfriend had a bra on him, stuffed or not, and told you it felt like you were wrapped around him? Let’s leave out who put it on him, who bought it, and what size it is for the purposes of my question.

    As others have commented, I don’t understand the negativity in the posts. What looks good is in the eye of the beholder. Further, if this exercise enhances the couple’s relationship, who are we to judge them for it?

  • Not sure if srs

    This is art nowadays?

    Hold on while I cut off my testicles, place them on a silver platter and call it a master piece.

  • Dude

    Little shop of horrors.

  • Kev

    This blog has such a mix of philic and phobic responses. The thing is, it is very difficult to help the way we feel, however, we may have more control over how we act towards one another, so even someone with negative responses can learn to be more inclusive, over time. We need to accept first in order to understand, it won’t work the other way around. You might find my video of interest to this discussion:

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