Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

Jose & Ainara

After several conversations with (male) friends about how relationships between men and women have changed since their parent’s generation, Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte had a brilliant idea for a photo series. He wanted to make images that showed not only the equality of balance in heterosexual relationships, but also the feeling of confusion the male may be experiencing with this change. He began this series, which he calls The Men Under the Influence by taking photos of couples together in the same image. After some time, he realized that a more effective image was to photograph the man alone, dressed in his girlfriends clothing in their shared apartment or house. Uriarte photographed the series over a period of three years in both the US and Spain.

Javi & Gabi

Santi & Sabela

Matias & Sarah

Marcos & Lucia

Victor & Ana

Carlos & Naia

Steve & Fonlin

Feature Shoot Contributing Editor Julia Sabot is the Associate Photo Editor at Dwell.

  • SD

    What seems to be left out of this commentary on Uriarte’s series is – what at least is obvious to me – evidence of love, affection and possibly obsession with the men’s female partners. I think the work is really about the connection and love between the two people in each relationship – because they are obviously shot not only in their girlfriend’s outfits, but also in their home environments. It is a display of INTIMACY. I don’t find that the men look particularly vulnerable – at least not in the traditional sense of the word – they are completely a part of their partner’s life, happy and loyal, almost like pets.

  • cp

    *facepalm* I love how so many of the commentors seem to miss the idea that this is a planned photoshoot involving how we would view men differently if they wore and posed like what they expect to see in their girlfriend– not snaps of people who normally want to dress like this and/or wanted to look attractive like this. I mean, I’d be all for the latter as well, but talk about missing the entire point.

    The reaction you feel isn’t meant to make you go “that’s shocking” or “that’s creative”, “that’s beautiful” or “that’s ugly”, and just leave it at that. It’s meant to look at the space between what we traditionally expect of these men, and what they are expecting of their girlfriends. You’re supposed to think a little further about how the difference between how we see the men and how we see the girlfriends impacts the balance of power and roles in their relationship. If you aren’t thinking about that kind of thing as you look at an art piece, then no, you don’t get it.

  • Sheryl


  • Joanne Silverman

    Interesting, but I must say, they all look like real dorks. And that body hair – UGH!

  • Noam

    Santi&Sabela <3
    Carlis&Naia <3
    Wonderful style 🙂

  • António Teixeira Santos

    We guys must litteraly get in their shoes – and why not in their togs – the better to understand and love them. I’ve learned a lot just by looking at this pics.

  • Joe Ellis

    As a MAN who wears a skirt, I have few problems with the pics shown. Why don’t they smile? As for body hair, it is what MEN cope with, just as women cope with breasts and menstrual cycles. Accept us for what we are, let men wear what they feel comfortable wearing. Some time ago I received an email of pics showing couples “switching clothes”. When the two persons were about the same size, the switch looked nice. Gender equality in clothing is as normal as women having the right to vote.

  • Funny how in most cases they seem to suit their girlfriend’s clothes… or that kind of style…

  • I am a man i have been wearing women’s clothing most of my life.

  • When i was 10 i started dressing up as a little girl putting on a dress, pantyhose, heels, and and a Bra.

  • that1weirdkid

    I love seeing males in clothing that’s typically worn by females, but this series bothers me because it seems to be frowning on gender equality. It seems as though its aim is to illustrate men’s discomfort with gender equality, and almost seems to be making fun of it.

  • haha very funny i like it keep it up

  • This is seriously awesome!!

  • Summer Britton

    They’re clothes, obviously there’s different sizes, materials and cuts.
    You find one that you can fit into. Much like PUTTING CLOTHES ON. Or did
    all of you really think that their girlfriends only had one outfit a
    piece. *eye roll*And may I add, most of them are hardly “fitting” into those clothes.

  • Ama

    You can almost guess how the girlfriends look like, without their phisycal presence in the picture.

  • “Who wears the trousers now?!”
    This is so interesting! It looks as though Matius fits into his girlfriends boots!

  • Simon White

    The chap in the red dress looks smashing, that really suits him.
    The pencil skirt outfit is a disaster on that chap IMO.
    If I came across any of the others IRL I’d happily accept them as unusual but stylish. Some outfits show more leg than we are used to on men, it would take me a while to get used to the sun dress.
    I’m straight.

  • rn

    Why so hipster ?????

  • Vic Abacaxi

    Onesies have really made a comeback

  • me

    I myself love wearing pantyhose and tights never out unless I have them on under my pants at hose now that’s different their just a article of clothing I love to wear like my white ones below in my mini very cool in summer less constricting to sitting at home I have most all colors and heaps of styles love the shiny ones most the look the feel the support plus the warmth just have to shave your legs leg hair looks yuk thru hose

  • me

    society fears it as a mental illness its not in the gender lines few men think its cute to expose parts below the waist where it offends people they think u need a psych yea right talk to u say your ill and here take these pills they will help doctors always prescribe pills to say here all will be ok granted there are those that wears as fashion and support plus other benefits which is fine its just the few that likes to take pictures exposing oneself as long as theirs the few that do this society will always look down on men that wear this is only mu opinion

  • me

    my thing is if men are going to wear tights or pantyhose please shave hair showing is gross

  • Me

    I think some of the guys looked alright. I mean, they would need to groom a bit more to make the clothes look better. Particularly with shaving their legs and faces. But some of them don’t look bad.

  • Lydia Carmen Williamson

    This is amazing.

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