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The Women of the BDSM Fetish Community, in Photos

Mistress Morrigan Hel, London, 2016

London photographer Max Eicke describes the BDSM community as a “parallel world.” He spent three years stepping in and out of that realm, interviewing and photographing professional dominatrices, submissives, and switches (women who both dominate and submit) in Germany and in the United Kingdom. Dominas, published by Kehrer Verlag, is the culmination of his collaborations with these women.

Illuminated Trees Photographed at Night by Ralf Peters

Ralf-Peters photography

German photographer Ralf Peters takes everyday objects and spaces and puts them in a new light, literally. He captures plants, trees, houses, and bridges immersed in total darkness, illuminating only parts of them in a calculated way. The result is a new incarnation of the object, exposed for its colorful and sculptural qualities. Selected work from his series Night / Colours is currently on display at Bernhard Knaus Fine Art in Frankfurt as part of a group exhibition featuring 12 gallery artists. It runs until January 26, 2013.

Astrid Korntheuer, Frankfurt

Currently working out of Offenbach and Frankfurt, Germany, Astrid Korntheuer has spent time as the artist in residence in Pollen-Monflanquin, and was recently awarded a three month residency in Bourges, France. She had a solo exhibition of her works called EVO-ART-PRICE: STORIES, at Galerie im Turm, Offenbach, earlier this year.

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