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Stunning American West Time-lapse Film Made Up of 15,000 Images

Journey Part 1 is Andrew Walker’s pinnacle of time-lapse films, compiling over 15,000 still images. The Los Angeles-based videographer shot for a year and a half across the roaming wild of the western United States, braving extreme conditions and precarious locations to achieve his vision. The film records elevations of 12,000 feet to 225 feet below sea level and temperatures ranging from 100 to -9 degrees Fahrenheit. From Montana to Arizona, Journey Part 1 offers a fresh look at the truly unfathomable expanse of these tameless American landscapes.

Fascinating Documentary Investigates the Strange Practice of Southerners Who ‘Eat White Dirt’

Photographer and videographer Adam Forrester explores the curious culture of earth-eating in his first featurette-length film EAT WHITE DIRT. Currently residing in Pike County, Alabama, Forrester gives us a lively look into this long-standing tradition and those seemingly eccentric individuals who partake in it. Found in the Fall Line of the American South, the chalky white substance is examined for its prehistoric origins, medical mythology, and the various controversies it has provoked in local communities. With a release date for summer 2014, we asked Forrester to tell us more about this extraordinary phenomenon.

Touching Video of Elderly Animals Being Photographed by Isa Leshko

Elderly Animals is the moving project by Philadelphia-based photographer Isa Leshko in which she travels to sanctuaries across the country to photograph animals who are elderly or in the last stage of their life. Leshko began the project after spending a year in New Jersey caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. The portraits explore aging and mortality, and in many ways are self-portraits—a way for Leshko to confront her own fear of getting older and of the dementia that runs in her family.

Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski’s Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of a Texas Thunderstorm

Phoenix-based photographer Mike Olbinski gets right in front of the action, capturing a powerful supercell storm near Booker, Texas. Supercells are thunderstorms with a rotating powerhouse within them, known as a mesocyclone, making them the most severe of thunderstorms. Olbinski’s footage is as peaceful as it is ominous, showcasing nature in all its force and beauty.

Coffee Creamer Poured Into Coffee In Delicious Slow Motion

With the weather turning chilly and the holidays adding to the already overwhelming responsibilities of daily life, this delicious slow motion video offers some caffeinated warm relief. There is a mesmerizing, childlike fascination to watching the creamer swirl into the rich blackness, the coffee sloshing oh-so-close to the edge. We don’t know about all of you out there, but we’re ready to pour a cup.

See What Happens When IKEA Releases 100 Cats In Their Store

One IKEA in northwest London decided to set 100 cats loose in their massive store as an “experiment”. The result is a delightful montage of furry faces running, leaping, poking and snugging through the many home decor items. Using the family pet as an embodiment of the word “home”, IKEA has the kitties do all the shopping before the owners get there, just to make certain everything is nice and comfy.

‘In No Great Hurry’ – 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter

For a list of screenings in your area, please check the ‘In No Great Hurry‘ site.

Dublin Hipsters Tricked Into Posing for Video

Dublin Clubbers were asked to pose for a video they thought was a photograph. The simple misunderstanding makes for hilarious, telling clips of what the “selfie” generation has become. Wavering back and forth with their best party face, the prank is a flawless example of what happens when everyone tries to be a rock star.

Disabled Street Photographer Flo Fox Still Has a Vision

For over 20 years, Flo Fox spent her life photographing the world of New York City. A contemporary of artists such as Andy Warhol, André Kertész, and Lisette Model, Fox now finds herself disabled and her vision seriously impaired. Despite all the trials of disease and age, filmmaker Riley Hooper captures a ceaselessly vibrant woman still thrilled by the sound of a shutter click.

Nick Brandt Discusses His Photographs of African Animals Ravaged by Hunters

Photographer Nick Brandt exhibits the final epic in his trilogy of works about the excessive hunting that has ravaged the wild of East Africa. Shot over a period of 12 years, Across The Ravaged Land features a darker, brave perspective on the continually desperate situation of these animals. From elephants mourning over bones of a member of their heard to calcified birds frozen in suspended animation, Brandt attempts to give voice and nobility to these creatures, becoming “alive again in death”.

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