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Photographic Duo Traverse Europe Capturing How it Feels to Be Young and Carefree


Throughout the trip, the only consistent form of structure was the company of one another. Time became elastic and weeks departed from what our knowledge of what a “week” meant. As a result, we have collected an array of photographs which emote our sense of constant displacement yet express a deep love of travel and discovery.—Yael Malka and Cait Oppermann

After their recent graduation from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn-based photographers Yael Malka and Cait Oppermann backpacked for 70 days through Turkey, Morocco and several countries in Europe. The photos they took during that time are now collected in their self-published book Sea Blues.

Documentary Series on Underground Wrestling Chronicles Unlikely Hero


Staten Island, NY-based photographer Anthony Tafuro’s series Gallow follows 21-year-old underground wrestler Jack Gallow through his triumphs and failures. The photos thrive on the drama of the wrestling scene in Staten Island, and the tension surrounding each match is palpable. The fickle crowd cheers for Gallow as he enters the ring, and cheers even more voraciously when he falls. The pure adrenaline of this world is captured in screamingly intense moments of ecstasy or anguish.

Delicately Observed Moments Photographed by Dan Allegretto


Dan Allegretto’s delicately observed pictures document his surroundings. A recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, he is now based in Brooklyn, NY.
With the palette of a watercolored sunset faded by the sun itself, these images work like a highly personal journal filled with light and warmth. They are made universally relatable not only by their beauty, but also by the way Allegretto seems to offer the viewer little gifts—the experience of looking at them is like receiving a bouquet of flowers from a stranger.

Villeburg: A Carefully Arranged Photographic Collection of Randomness


Legendary photographer Harry Callahan’s routine was to go out and make new photographs every day, whether or not there was anything in particular he wanted to shoot. Adopting this method, Brooklyn-based photographer William Mebane uses his new blog Villeburg as a tool in his photographic process.

Keith Smith Uses Experimental Photography Techniques to Convey Themes of Love and Desire


A retrospective of secretive genius Keith Smith is currently on view at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. Spanning from the 1960s through the 80s, it offers a rare glimpse at his personal work. Primarily known for his artist books and for his seminal instructional texts on bookmaking, Smith has never actively sought attention for his own photographs. As a result many of the works in this exhibition are being seen for the first time.

A Punk Rock Approach to Still Life Photography


In his new series Former Writer, Part 1: Colour on Surface, Vienna-based photographer Thomas Albdorf builds on his past as a graffiti writer. By making blunt spraypaint interventions both in the real world and in his studio, he bends space and creates fluorescent visual play. In the vein of John Divola’s Zuma series, Albdorf physically marks his subject as evidence of his involvement. Part two of the series, already in progress, will combine sculptures, drawings and prints, while bringing them into real space. Here is a punk rock approach to the contemporary photographic still life.

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