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Astounding ‘Specimen’ Portraits


New York artist Michael Mapes began constructing what he calls “specimens” in 2005 after a stint in product development where he created a range of products including T-shirts printed with guides to bird droppings. These portraits, or specimens, are a collaged map of an individual’s life. They combine several elements from their personal environments such as eyelashes, pet hair, dirt from the garden, and anything else Mapes finds while researching.

Hawkes’ Eye View: Capturing Images from the Skies

aerial photography Jason Hawkes

“I don’t actually like heights,” said London-based aerial photographer Jason Hawkes in an interview with Nikon Pro.

X-ray Fashion Photography by Nick Veasey

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion
British photographer, Nick Veasey uses industrial X-ray machines to discover what makes up the natural world and highlight the surprising, inner beauty in some of the most common objects.

Veasey got the idea to use X-ray machines for art while dating the daughter of a truck driver who was transporting thousands of soda cans, one of which contained a prize worth 100,000 pounds. He rented an X-ray machine from a local hospital to find the winning can. Although he was unsuccessful, he credits this moment for sparking the idea that launched his career.

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