4 Popular Instagram Photographers Break Down Their Post-Processing Techniques Using Photoshop and Lightroom (Sponsored)

Recently we asked some of our favorite Instagram photographers to walk us through their coveted post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. They’ve shown us step-by-step how to transform an underexposed or incomplete photo into an electrifying vision.

Gavin Pickford, Nana-Ampofo, Britt Marie Bye, and Vicky Navarro each created an exclusive tutorial using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, or both. While Pickford introduced bright, vivid light and tone to a shot of South African wildflowers, Bye brought out the shadowy corners of an abandoned house, revealing details that would otherwise have been lost to darkness.

Ampofo constructed an ambitious, science-fiction-worthy composite scene using two separate images, one shot in the bucolic Romanian mountains and the other taken from a helicopter soaring over the Manhattan skyline. Finally, Navarro brought radiance, contrast, and life to a portrait of her friend, Chula The Clown, on a whimsical adventure in the woods.

All the photographers guided us through the process in 5-10 easy steps, taking us behind the scenes and into the secret inner workings that go into any popular, viral photograph.

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