Sony Artisan of Imagery Katrin Eismann Takes Us to Zimbabwe, Havana and New York During Her Instagram Takeover (Sponsored)

Last week, we had the pleasure of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with Sony Artisan of Imagery Katrin Eismann, who took over our Instagram with photographs of places as diverse as Havana, Cuba and Silo City in Buffalo, New York. She took us all the way to Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world, and Great Zimbabwe in the country’s southeastern hills, where the sun rises and falls over a city of stonewall monuments and ruins, before bringing us home to NYC just in time to watch dawn break over the Hudson River. In addition to being a renowned artist, Eismann is also the Chair of the Masters in Digital Photography department at New York’s School of Visual Arts and the author of several books on digital photography. She also holds the elite position of Sony Artisan of Imagery, meaning that she works closely with Sony in helping to perfect cameras that innovate and excel beyond typical DSLRs and other digital cameras. For her takeover, Eismann used several of Sony’s remarkable mirrorless cameras, including the a7r, the a7s, the a7rII, and the RX100m4. She prefers these cameras because they are lightweight and unobtrusive, allowing her to move limberly and without any excess baggage. Even with their small size, the Sony cameras deliver exceptional image quality, capturing every detail from the stonewalls of Zimbabwe to the skyscrapers of Manhattan. She was also able to seamlessly transfer her RAW files to her iPhone for professional quality image sharing over social networks. From puffy clouds that unfurled beneath her during her plane ride to the many extraordinary places she stopped along the way, Eismann’s images never failed to capture the spirit of each and every place she visited, whether it was the classic car lined streets of colorful Havana or the enchanting silence of Great Zimbabwe under the blanket of night.

Sony is a Feature Shoot sponsor.

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