Photographer Gregory Heisler on the Importance of “Shooting What You Can’t Help But Shoot”

In a field that’s evolving as rapidly as photography, it can be easy to lose sight of what makes your voice and your vision enduring and significant. The best photographers, like portrait master Gregory Heisler, are able to adapt while remaining steadfast and true to their authentic style. Heisler’s prolific career has seen his portraits on the covers and pages of TIME, LIFE, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN. Whether he’s shooting inside the White House or out on the sports field, he continues to propel his craft into new and innovative directions.

Heisler’s bountiful supply of energy, passion, and curiosity extends from his own photography and into education, and he has spent countless hours giving international courses and seminars at acclaimed institutions including the Maine Media Workshops + College, a school dedicated to the art of storytelling. On the stunning coast of Maine, the Workshops provides an atmosphere of creativity and community, where students are encouraged and inspired to bring their own unique visions to life during workshops or as they pursue their degree and certificate programs of choice.

Heisler’s words of wisdom and expertise, gathered over years in the field, are as uplifting as they motivational. Watch his inspiring video above, produced by Maine Media Workshops + College and directed by Skylar Thorne Kelly, to hear his advice for emerging artists, his thoughts on the evolution of photography as a medium of story telling, and the importance of “shooting what you can’t help but shoot.”

Maine Media Workshops + College is a Feature Shoot sponsor.

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