Clever ‘iLife’ Videos Depict Real Life Situations Enhanced Using Mac Keystrokes

Ever wish you could just Command+Z that drunk-text, or the coffee you spilled on the couch? Vancouver filmmaker Nathan Boey spends a lot of time on his computer, making music videos, animated shorts, and other film projects. Like most of us, he is so accustomed to the ease and brevity of the Mac OS interface that it occasionally slips into his real life. So he decided to make a short about it, collaborating with his girlfriend, actress Cynthia Mendez, and starring themselves. The result is the ongoing iLife series, now in its 3rd part. The series features everyday home-life scenarios where an adorable couple clicks through Life’s inevitable inconveniences with the stroke of a mouse or the swipe of a hand.

For Nathan, the idea behind iLife comes from a fascination on the way our brains work. It is about the relationship between the way we navigate ourselves on computers and in our real lives. He didn’t originally set out to make a series, but each of the shorts work remarkably well offering a brief glimpse into how certain moments of our lives are improved by Mac keystrokes. From swiping through outfits in the mirror, to lowering the volume on an annoying chatterbug, to drag-n’-dropping a coffee cup into the bin before right-clicking to empty the trash, without leaving the couch.

What fascinates Nathan about the connection between the technology we use everyday and our real lives is how our brain bridges the divide between the two worlds. Humans are connection-makers, and our brain won’t differentiate these worlds as much as we think it will. Like when you are speaking one language and accidentally use words or phrases from another language. In an effort to solve a problem, our subconscious mind quickly roots through all available solutions we are accustomed to, whether virtual or real. Then our conscious mind decides which solution to use. Who can blame us for considering Mac-based actions in our real life, especially if they can make living so much simpler and easier?

To see Nathan’s music videos, shorts, and other fun things, check out his website

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