In the time between the 2011 release of E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey and today’s much-anticipated film adaptation, it’s safe to say that kink has gone mainstream. For 50 Shades of Food, North Carolina-based photographer Bryan Regan brings the S&M frenzy one step further, constructing blush-inducing scenes starring household edibles.

Regan read the erotic novel years ago, and he began his foray into bondage by tying crackers together. Soon, his still lifes cried out for a little more spice and boldness, and the photographer delved into the recesses of the internet, gathering information on the various dildos, nipple clamps, whips, and butt plugs available to the public. The sex toys featured in his shoots were both collected from online stores and lent by generous friends.

While visiting the local grocery store for the project, Regan admits, his thoughts would turn to the salacious, and he would dream up absurd couplings and riotous sexual acts for unsuspecting donuts, pineapples, and condiments. He allowed each scenario to speak for itself, its inanimate protagonists set simply against a pure white backdrop.

In conversation with Wonderful Machine, Regan admits that throughout the course of the project, he gathered quite a bit of knowledge on the still-taboo realm of BDSM. 50 Shades of Food both pokes fun at and revels in the pop culture phenomenon set ablaze by the 50 Shades trilogy, blending elements of the shocking and taboo with the mundane and familiar.













All images © Bryan Regan

via Wonderful Machine

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