crossing Crossing © Belinda Lawley

EXHIBITION: So Near So Far, Koukan Gallery, 106A Alexandra Park Road
November 27 – December 3

Featuring the works of Belinda Lawley and Dan Bridge, this two-person exhibition examines the everyday. Lawley’s photographic collages emphasize patterns in the surrounding environments, while Bridge’s work concentrates on small moments that encompass bigger ideas.

EXHIBITION: We, The People, The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk
December 2 – 16

Little Black Gallery hosts an exhibition of the winners of Survival International’s 45th anniversary photography competition. The exhibition showcases diverse tribal cultures from around the globe.

EXHIBITION: The Institute of Sexology, Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road
November 20 – September 20
This unique exhibition explores human sexuality and those who pioneered the study of sex. Using film, photography, erotica, art objects, and more, this show aims to investigate how sex research has shaped our society’s attitudes towards human sexuality.

EXHIBITION: Drawn by Light: The Royal Photographic Society Collection, Science Museum, Exhibition Road
December 2 – March 1

This exhibition features over 200 images from the collection of The Royal Photographic Society, the world’s oldest photographic society. Some of the earliest known photographic images will be on view by photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron and William Henry Fox Tablot. Contemporary works will also be on view from such important figures as Martin Parr and Don McCullin.

Don McCullin Shell Shocked US Marine, Vietnam, Hue 1968, printed 2013 © Don McCullin/Courtesy Tate Modern

EXHIBITION: Conflict, Time, Photography, Tate Modern, Bankside
November 26 – March 15

War predates the invention of the photograph, but it is through photography that we have gained a deeper understanding of the horrors and tragedies of war. Photographs from the trenches, portraits, and even rare quiet moments can be seen in this exhibition of war imagery from the past 150 years.

EXHIBITION: Here Today, The Old Sorting Office, 21-31 New Oxford Street
November 25 – December 17

This exhibition marks fifty years of the IUCN Red List, which tracks plant and animals at risk of extinction. In eight chapters, fifty artists from Warhol to recent graduates display works in all media that represent our environment and the challenges it faces.

LECTURE: Henry Moore and Gemma Levine: The Artist at Work, Tate Britain, Millbank
December 2, 6:30-8:00pm

Noted portrait photographer Gemma Levine will give a lecture on the work of Henry Moore. Accompanied by sound recordings and photographs, Levine discusses Moore’s role as her mentor over the course of their ten-year relationship. Art historian and curator Ann Harezlak will moderate.

Touch-LR Touch (2014) © John Stezaker/Image courtesy of the artist and Counter Editions

BOOK SIGNING: John Stezaker: Crossing Over, Claire de Rouen Books, 125 Charing Cross Road
December 4, 6:00-8:00pm

Published by Ridinghouse, Crossing Over include includes 65 image fragments made by conceptual photographer John Stezaker using his personal archive of postcards,. The signing will also include the release of “Touch,” printed by Counter Editions in a limited edition of 100.

EXHIBITION: Cairo to Constantinople: Early Photographs of the Middle East, The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
November 7 – February 22

This exhibition features the photographs of Francis Bedford who accompanied the Prince of Wales during his four-month royal tour of the Middle East. Upon his return, the photographs were displayed in a public exhibition and offered many visitors their first glimpses of the foreign land. On view now, these same photographs provide us a glimpse into the Middle East of 1862.

EXHIBITION: Mary McCartney: Monochrome & Colour, Pop-up show, 3 Grafton Street
December 1 – 5

Mary McCartney, daughter of music legend Paul McCartney, will have an exhibition of her work to accompany the release of her monograph by the same name, Monochrome & Colour. McCartney’s work is a playful look at the world around her. She photographs strangers with the same genuine importance as she she does with celebrities. The pop-up exhibition is curated by Simon de Pury of auction house fame and is located on Grafton Street in London’s Mayfair district.

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