© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset

For her vibrant series of nude portraits, Windsor, Canada-based photographer Alyssa Katherine Faoro sets dancers against luminous colored backdrops, imbuing the human body with a sense of mystery, grace, and spontaneity.

Faoro draws inspiration from themes of innocence and rebirth, viewing nudity as a mode of self-expression and liberty. As we grow, she explains, we become secretive about our bodies, but as children, we accept ourselves entirely.

In their monochromatic worlds, Faoro’s anonymous subjects float like babes in the womb, unencumbered by gravity and self-consciousness. She achieves this effect by instructing her models to jump from elevated apple boxes. Once they take the plunge, she prefers to give as little direction as possible, allowing her subject’s bodies to move according to their own natural rhythms.

In accordance to the empowering themes of her work, she picks models who are uninhibited and can feel free even in a busy studio in front of multiple people. After shooting them against a white backdrop, she adds saturated hues post-production. She avoids artificial posing by encouraging each subject to embrace their individuality: “to me, seeing how people react is the most interesting part of photographing people because cognitively we are all so unique,” says the artist.


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset

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