Glow sticks no. 1, 2012


Cups no. 2, 2013

For his series Emergent Behavior, photographer Thomas Jackson fills quiet landscapes with levitating installations composed of everyday objects. Drawing inspiration from mysterious and unexpected natural phenomena like swarms of insects and schools of fish, he creates complex formations suspended mid-air.

In this alternate visual universe, post-its spring from their pads, and marshmallows erupt from the depths of a secluded forest. In the place of vital organisms, the artist introduces man-made bodies that stand out from the muted natural world with neon hues and manufactured forms. As we humans disrupt the patterns of nature, Jackson constructs an alternate narrative; here, the effects of human life are consumed by natural impulse, forming frightful hordes of matter that need not comply with the laws of man.


Cheese balls, 2012


Cups no. 1, 2011


Glow sticks no. 2, 2013


Garden hose no. 1, 2013

Thomas_Jackson_08Marshmallows no. 1, 2012


Post-its no. 1, 2012


Straws no. 2, 2013


Yarn no. 2, 2012


Thank you bags no. 1, 2013

via Lenscratch

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