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With the demise of our blogroll in our new site design, we thought we’d shine the light on 50 unique photography-based websites that inspire us on a daily basis. While we follow many great sites not listed here, we decided to compile a diverse selection of those that you may not already know about. The blogs you see here met our criteria of being regularly updated and showcasing work we find to be consistently awesome.

Think we are missing someone noteworthy? Feel free to leave a link to your favorite photography site in the comments section.

The Ardorous (above)
Curated by the exceptionally talented Petra Collins, The Ardorous is an explosion of feminist collaborations and creativity. Showcasing everything from photography to mixed media illustration, the site provides ultimate access to edgy, boundary pushing work by up-and-coming female artists.

Art Photo Index (API)

A service of Photoeye, API is a powerhouse of a database when it comes to searching for fine art and documentary photography, toting 3,513 photographers, 20,829 images, and 23,685 keywords to search from. A valuable resource for curators, gallerists and editors, the site provides a detailed visual index of photographers who have been pre-selected based on their accomplishments and publications in the field.


Referring to the part of the ocean suspended between the well-lit and unlit depths, Disphotic is Lewis Bush‘s personal conversation about the medium and art of photography. Full of critical musings, reviews of exhibitions and brilliant analysis, Bush encourages photographers to think as much as they shoot.


Professional photojournalists Matt Lutton and M. Scott Brauer use their blog as a platform for discussion about the documentary photography scene. From current events to personal diaries of a working photographer, dvafoto is always a thorough, interesting read.

Dodge & Burn

Dodge & Burn (Diversity in Photography History)

Dedicated to diversity in photography, Dodge & Burn highlights photographers of color. Published by visual artist and writer Qiana Mestrich, the site celebrates what “is often ‘dodged’ from the art scene and ‘burned’ in art history,” featuring weekly photographer interviews and exhibit and event round-ups.

Dodge & Burn (George Eastman House)

Home to the world’s oldest photography and film museum and housing one of the largest motion picture archives, the George Eastman House’s tumblr showcases many an unearthed gem from their vast collection, reminding us of photography’s beautiful beginnings—whole plate daguerreotypes, stereographs, gelatin silver prints, and much more.


Established in 2011 by Magnum Photos Cultural & Education Manager Fiona Rogers, Firecracker is an exclusive online curation of European female photographers. Aside from regular monthly features of new artists, Rogers has put together the Firecracker Photographic Grant which assists women born or residing in Europe with the completion of various documentary projects.

Fotografia Magazine

Fotografia Magazine was started by Graziano Ferri as a site dedicated to Italian photography. It has since expanded to showcasing photographers from all over the world while continuing to be a great resource for finding Italian photographers. Ferri is especially on top of providing excellent info and links to photo fairs, festivals, and grant and fellowship opportunites.


Much more than a portfolio website, FotoVisura allows you to self-publish work before a community of other photographers, including editors, curators, and other experts in the medium. With an online public archive, photography grants, open call postings, and frequent FotoVisura online and physical exhibitions, the site allows for a true exchange of art and ideas.

Fuck You Very Much

Founded by two Danes wishing to share images with each other long distance, Fuck You Very Much is a witty, irreverent site bursting with surprise and humor. Narrated with a single line such as ‘We listen to Jigga’ or ‘We miss our morning swim’, the tongue-in-cheek tumblr manages to find the best photos you’ve never seen on the Internet.

Global Yodel

Global Yodel

Global Yodel lets you travel the world through the lens of locals from all corners of the globe. Contributors pass the ‘yodel’ around, giving glimpses into near and faraway lands, sharing photos, tips, and experiences from various destinations.

Hamburger Eyes

Born as a small xeroxed zine, Hamburger Eyes has long supplied a healthy dose of gritty, black and white street photography. They have since grown into a full-fledged magazine and publisher for independent artists, pumping out unique zines, magazines, and books throughout the year. Not only are they publishing in-house, but they also operate a professional darkroom equipped to print silver gelatin black and white prints and full color chromegenic prints.

The Heavy Collective

Founders Jack Harries and Geordie Cargill come together with fresh, quirky interviews and a constant stream of content on The Heavy Collective. From ‘Which words or phrases do you most overuse?’ to ‘Are pets actually prisoners?,’ each unexpected question produces fascinating personal revelations of the best contemporary photographers working today.

In the In-Between (In-B)

In-B gladly accepts the digital age of photography with a site dedicated to photos rooted in computer-based processes. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in digital image making, In-B rotates interviews, features of work in motion, and profiles of photographers who worked with manipulated imagery before digital technologies were a reality.


Landscape Stories

With a focus on fine art photography, Landscape Stories is an online magazine featuring photographers from around the world. Each issue focuses on a particular theme from adolescence to Vietnam, and the curators do a great job of combining photographers who fall within these topics.

Light Journeys

Created to champion the talent of women photographers in Australia, each month Light Journeys features one photographer with a solo online exhibition. Curated by U.K Frederick and Lee Grant, who say in recent years Australian photographers “have emerged to stand alongside internationally acknowledged artists,” Light Journeys is thoughtfully curated, showcasing killer work from women down under.


Operated by November Eleven, the non-profit supporting independent media and humaniarian aid efforts, Lightstalkers is a “a network of unconventional travelers.” A source of invaluable resources and tips, the Lightstalkers community connects not just photojournalists with each other, but also journalists, aid workers, military and security professionals, and information techs.


A mash-up of interviews, portfolios, videos, and curated blog posts, Lintroller champions the emerging photographer, fostering a space for discussion and collaboration. Among the goods is 5×5, a periodic segment featuring five photographs by five photographers surrounding a specific theme and curated by a guest editor.

The Literate Lens

Writer and editor Sarah Coleman explores the connections between photography and literature in her bi-weekly blog that draws clever and thoughtful insights in various features. Delving beyond the surface of the image, Coleman explores the tying of these two outlets together, unearthing deeper layers within.

Matte Magazine

MATTE Magazine

Feature Shoot contributor and VICE photo editor Matthew Leifheit is the sole creator of the ever-innovative MATTE Magazine and tumblr. Both online and in print, each issue examines a single emerging artist who Leifheit interviews and photographs for the cover. Hard copies of MATTE can be ordered directly from the site or found at such prestigious institutions as MOTTO in Berlin and the International Center of Photography in NYC.

Mossless Magazine

An experimental photography publication run by Romke Hoogwaerts and his partner, Grace Leigh, Mossless started as a source of interviews with photographers posted every two days. They have since moved to print and have released two issues, the first released at NYC’s Printed Matter, the second at the NY Art Book Fair. Mossless’ blog provides a source of inspiration and behind-the-scenes posts.


Unassuming and constantly surprising, photographer Mark Peter Drolet‘s personal tumblr manages to always have its finger on the pulse of up-and-coming photography. Manned with flawless taste, Drolet’s daily finds are truly prolific in both volume and quality.


Muybridge’s Horse

If you’re an animal lover, photographer Emma Kisiel‘s blog is the right place for you. She puts together a beautiful selection of photographers interested in the ways we interact with and experience animals and nature.

New Landscape Photography

Syracuse curator, photographer and teacher Willson Cummer provides a weekly dose of contemporary landscape work along with short essays detailing each artist’s perspective. From powerful documentation of Japanese tsunamis to unique takes on American suburbia, New Landscape Photography always offers a new perspective.

No Caption Needed

Expertly assembled by rhetoric and public culture university professors Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites, No Caption Needed is an in-depth examination of photojournalism and imagery that defines historical moments. Publishing a book under the same title, Hariman and Lucaites offer a critique of photography’s political and cultural interplay.


Originally the personal blog of Romanian “not a photographer” Constantin Nimigean, Oitzarisme—roughly translating to “sheep things”—has morphed into an in-depth platform promoting a myriad of contemporary photography projects. In 2011, Nimigean launched an online photo magazine called LOVE ISSUE that explores themes of love and humans.

Onward Forward

Inspired by her student contemporaries, RISD senior Acacia Johnson started Onward Forward, a blog dedicated to student photography at the university level. Johnson posts new student projects every Monday and Thursday with the intention to help students articulate their work and gain momentum before they graduate and enter the art world.

Paper Journal

Australian photographer Patricia Karallis and her team of contributors cover all aspects of the medium. Launched just last year, Paper Journal is an informed, decisive encyclopedia of work including interviews, photo books, studio visits and spot-on fashion photography.

Particulr tumblr


When not writing for Feature Shoot, photographer Jenna Garrett publishes the rest of her favorite finds on Particulr. Designed with various viewing options, the tumblr acts as a curated collection of striking contemporary photography. There’s even an interview or two.


Phases is an online photography magazine highlighting fresh contemporary photography with quite the visual-friendly feel. Curated by Jérôme Montagne and Alexis Vasilikos, the site is beautifully laid out, a scrolling archive of work that though different, feels like-minded and infinitely inspiring.

The Photobook 

Photographer Douglas Stockdale turns the page on a slew of photobooks with sneak peeks of what’s inside, in-depth commentary, book reviews, and news about book publishing and events.

Photographs on the Brain

When not working as the social media manager for B&H Photo, photographer Bryan Formhals gathers all of his fantastic Internet finds on Photographs on the Brain. A mixture of contemporary fine art, documentary, quotes and video, this is a great site for discovering new artists as well as other interesting blogs Formhals draws from.


London-based Sharon Boothroyd interviews the finest of emerging and established photographers on her blog Photoparley. Determined to never bow to current trends or cliches, Boothroyd’s international perspective and taste always provides genuine and thought-provoking dialogue.

Please Excuse the Mess

Please Excuse the Mess is the blog of photographer and curator Stephanie Gonot where you can cruise a flurry of fresh and quirky photos from a myriad of sources. From conceptual still life to out of the box portraiture, there’s plenty of fun to be had here.

Prison Photography

Prison Photography

Awarded a Photoblog Award and named one of the British Journal of Photography’s ‘Top Ten Best Photoblogs,’ Prison Photography is Wired writer Pete Brook’s study of the U.S.  prison system through the photographic lens. A taboo and difficult subject, Brook gathers telling images from within and without the penal institution in an attempt to raise awareness and change.

Pro Photo Daily

AI-AP‘s daily photo publication edited by David Schonauer keeps you abreast of the latest photo work, events, news and opinion in the industry, compiling a reputable mix of sourced and original content rotating throughout the day.

Rocket Science

Fine art photographer Pauline Magnenat provides a peek into photographers studios from all over the world. Asking about everything from the different aspects of their workspace to what sort of music the photographer listens to while editing, All of This is Rocket Science is a great collection of contemporary masters ‘at home.’


Based out of Tel Aviv, The Shpilman Institute for Photography’s blog is a hub for discussion and review. Promoting working artists through grants and the International Prize for Excellence in Photography, The SIP is a perfect place not only to discover fresh work but to grow and educate through the opinions of the finest curators and critics.

Staged & Constructed

Celebrating the consciously thought-out photograph, Staged & Constructed takes a look at series’ that were staged and constructed with something particular in mind, exercised through intentional set-ups of environment, event, and emotion.

Things Organized Neatly

Things Organized Neatly

Things Organized Neatly is exactly that, a mix of found and submitted photos curated by Austin Radcliffe that takes inventory of everything from camping gear to color coded household items. An endless supply of graphic eye candy, this tumblr satisfies the perfectionist in all of us, and provides endless scroll-through pleasure.

Time & Space

Formerly known as Tiny Vices, Time & Space is Tim Barber’s new web-based platform, one that he calls a curated social network. It’s a multi-part site featuring a community blog (with content selected by the contributors of the site), a collection of personal galleries (featuring the portfolios of said contibutors), a global arts calendar (updated by contributors), and finally an Instagram feed that rotates the accounts of contributors.


Whether it’s twins, trees, fruit, or feet, this tumblr has you seeing double with its inspired photos of all things duo collected by Sandrine Kerfante.


A self-proclaimed “collector of collections,” photographer and museologist Diana Zlatanovski satisfies our daily need for neat, colorful lines and organization. From grids of old teeth to an anthology of grocery store aisles, you can guarantee the TYPOLOGIST has it catalogued.


Unless You Will

Manned by Australian fine art photographer Heidi Romano, Unless You Will is an online photography publication showcasing work that delves deep to explore the complex layers of emotion that inspire us. Beautifully designed in an online magazine format, Unless You Will couples striking imagery with thoughtful text, each series of photographers creating a collective whole.


Curated by a team of gallerists and photographers, the editors at Urbanautica conduct interviews as well as exhibition and book reviews. In the past two years, they have launched Photo Exhibitions, an online journal dedicated to upcoming photography shows and more recently Photo Schools, full of interviews and in-depth dialogues about photo universities around the world.

Various Small Fires

Hailing from the UK, Various Smalls Fires is a collection of short essays all centered around a single photograph. The blog’s prestigious contributors includes everyone from Gareth Evans of London’s Whitechapel Gallery to fine art photography duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. Always insightful, Various Small Fires presents a continual and thorough analysis of the duplicitous nature of photography.

Verve Photo

The ambitious, award-winning Geoffrey Hiller is on a constant search for a new breed of documentary photographers. Covering a fantastic array of work from across the globe, Hiller highlights passionate artists capturing the world’s most important stories both large and small.

Visual Studies Workshop

This tumblr posts highlights from the Visual Studies Workshop (VSW) Research Center, a non-profit organization that maintains archival and research collections about the media arts of photography, independent film and video, electronic imaging, visual books, and the publication arts.

What Sofibi Saw

Created by Head of Art Buying at McCann London and Feature Shoot contributor Sophie Chapman-Andrews, What Sofibi Saw features a selection of work that comes her way on a daily basis. Although she says she sadly can’t commission everything she sees, the blog serves as a place to shine the light on some of her favorites while also providing her own personal scrapbook of inspiring work.


Spanish photographer Aitor Gametxo shatters the typical, sigh-worthy interview with this fun and funky tumblr. Asking the same six questions, Zzzzoom’s photographers answer in a single image rather than words. Presenting some of the best in diaristic film work, each interview is as surprising as it is mysterious.

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