Boston-based photographer Claire Beckett‘s The Converts is a series of portraits of individuals who have converted to Islam. A mix of recent converts and long-time practicing Muslims, Beckett says her subjects are predominantly American with the exception of a couple who have immigrated to the U.S. Beckett explores the relationship between the American and Muslim world, asking the questions, “What does it mean to be an American? Who are we as a people, and how do we define ourselves? How do we understand our country in relation to other nations and cultures?” She asks these questions within a society that has constructed the American and Muslim as opposites, interested in the experiences of those who “have traversed this imagined line.”


Claire_Beckett_PhotographyImam Suhaib Webb.

claire_Beckett_PhotographyKathryn on her first day as a niqabi.

claire_Beckett_PhotographyHans with his teacher Lokman Efendi.




claire_Beckett_photographyImam Taalib Mahdee.


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