Portraits of Modern Day Witches, Healers, Spell Casters and Visionaries

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyElwinga, a Druid

Women of Power is Warsaw-based photographer Katarzyna Majak‘s series celebrating the spiritual women living in Poland. Ranging in ages 30-80, Majak’s subjects are modern-day witches, healers, Wiccans, Druids, spell casters and visionaries, channeling the pagan and shamanic beliefs of their ancestors. Intrigued by these unconventional spiritual paths existing within the predominantly Catholic country, Majak traveled throughout her native land collecting portraits and stories from 29 women. Her resulting images catalog a variety of wise and powerful practitioners, standing solid with their talismans and tokens of choice.

Majak is represented by the Anzenberger Agency.

Katarzyna_MajakBea, the one who listens to the woods

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyJoanna, leads women’s circles and ceremonies for women

Katarzyna_MajakNatalia, an artist

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyKasia, an herbal healer

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyKasia Emilia, the one who is

Katarzyna_MajakEnenna, a Wiccan

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyLarhetta, practitioner of the left hand path

Katarzyna_Majak_photography Maria, a healer and a visionary.

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyParaskiewa, a whisperer

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyVrede Volva

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyAnna, a whisperer

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