‘Beyond The Barrier’ Photo Exhibition Explores Facets of Science and Fiction

Dillon DeWaters, Corrupt.ile(b), 2011

Originating out of an interest in blurring the line between fact and fiction, the work by these artists investigates different facets of science and fiction. Using photography, drawing, and digital technology, these artists touch on a range of ideas, including: the representation of scientific data, science fiction as backdrop in popular culture, creative interpretations of the fantastical, and fictional landscapes.

Beyond the Barrier is a group exhibition curated by Kate Greenberg featuring four emerging artists; Leah Beeferman, Brice Bischoff, Dillon DeWaters and Adam Ryder. Exploring science fiction themes, the artists have created new worlds and objects that take the viewer on a transformative journey away from the familiar world. It opens at The Camera Club of New York on Friday, March 1st with an opening reception at 6pm and will remain on view through April 6th.

Dillon DeWaters, Untitled (U-matic Monument, 2013

Dillon_DeWaters_PhotographyDillon DeWaters, Back to the Lighthouse (for Adrienne Barbeau), 2012

Adam_Ryder_PhotographerAdam Ryder, Mohzlar-Rham’s Tower at Mt. Ebal, 2012

Adam_Ryder_PhotographerAdam Ryder, The Selucian Retreat at Succoth, 2012

Brice_Bischoff_PhotographyBrice Bischoff, Bronson Caves #6, 2010

Leah_Beeferman_PhotographyLeah Beeferman, Untitled, 2013

Leah_Beeferman_PhotographyLeah Beeferman, Untitled, 2013

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