Photographer Duo Use GPS Coordinates to Track Down and Photograph Location of Tweets

Larson & ShindelmanTell me I’m not making a mistake. Tell me you’re worth the wait. #fb

Geolocation is a project by photographer team Larson & Shindelman in which they connect locations to Twitter posts. They searched through the millions of tweets that are generated everyday and used publicly available GPS metadata to track the locations of where the tweets were orignally sent. Next they traveled to the spot and photograped the locations. The final images are combined with the tweet, adding quite an interesting layer of context and humanity to its anonymous sender.

The collaborative duo is Maryland-based Nate Larson and Georgia-based Marni Shindelman. Their work explores the cultural understanding of distance in a modern, networked society.

Larson & ShindelmanAmy is Dying @HighlandHospital

Larson & ShindelmanWell. I just got laid off. Despite the raise, I had a sneaking suspicion there was no money. And yep, I was right. I knew something was off.

Larson & ShindelmanTwo years ago today I lost my Dad…time sure flies! I miss you Dad. #RIP

Larson & ShindelmanSo bored at work. #comevisitme

Larson & ShindelmanPretty sure I just heard a gun shot lol

Larson & Shindelman@CKFatty no no it’s ok I know you are scared see you at 630

Larson & ShindelmanWomen lie. Men lie. Women lie. Men lie. Abraham Lincoln doesn’t lie. #historicremix

Larson & ShindelmanI aint tweet all day..saved my battery a hell of alot though..

via Phaidon

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