‘After The Fall’: A New York Exhibition Featuring Seven Yale MFA Photographers

Monika SziladiMonika Sziladi, Untitled

After the Fall is the inaugural exhibition of Garis & Hahn, a new gallery space on the Bowery. Curated by Andrea Pemberton, the exhibition features work from seven Yale MFA photographers: Gideon Barnett, Felix R. Cid, Pao Houa Her, Matthew Monteith, Yorgos Prinos, Hrvoje Slovenc and Monika Sziladi.

After the Fall explores the ever-evolving variety of techniques in photography today. The seven photographers capture the staged, the candid and the constructed through a range of distinct styles, using the camera to examine individual and collective identities within our chaotic contemporary society. The exhibition opens on January 11th with a reception from 6-8pm, and runs through February 16, 2013.

Monika SziladiMonika Sziladi, Untitled

Felix R. CidFelix R. Cid, Bullfight, Madrid

Felix-CidFelix R. Cid, Bullfight, Madrid

Matthew Monteith Matthew Monteith, Collar, Merchants House Museum

Matthew Monteith Matthew Monteith, Roman Forum

Pao Houa HerPao Houa Her

Pao Houa HerPao Houa Her

Hrvoje Slovenc Hrvoje Slovenc, II-II

Yorgos Prinos Yorgos Prinos, Chandelier, Wall Street

Yorgos Prinos Yorgos Prinos, Rats, Stamford, CT

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