Simply Sublime Photos of Exotic and Familiar Flora by Andrew Zuckerman

Couroupita-guianensisCouroupita guianensis

Flower, the latest collection of photographs by Andrew Zuckerman, continues the conservation-minded work that the prolific photographer began in his previous tomes, Creature (2007) and Bird (2009). For his latest project, Zuckerman photographed over 150 beautiful botanicals, investigating species both exotic and familiar. True to Zuckerman’s distinctive style, each photograph is minimalist in nature, showing a subject in isolation against a blank field. In this way, our attentions are drawn solely toward his unique and beautiful flora subjects.

Andrew Zuckerman is an American filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. Flower was published by Chronicle Books this year, and it includes 300 pages of full-color photographs.

Calathea-burle-marxii-'IceCalathea burle marxii

Passiflora-incarnataPassiflora incarnata

Miltoniopsis-hybridMiltoniopsis hybrid

Calotropis-giganteaCalotropis gigantea

Caiophora-lateritiaCaiophora lateritia

Strongylodon-macrobotrysStrongylodon macrobotrys

Datura fastuosaDatura fastuosa

Tweedia-coeruleaTweedia coerulea

Pseudobombax-ellipticumPseudobombax ellipticum

Nymphaea-'Key-Largo'Nymphaea ‘Key Largo’

This post was contributed by Megan Ramirez.

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