Far Out Hamburgers Created and Photographed by Designers Quentin and Thomas

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersNeil Armstrong Burger (1930-2012)

When French graphic designers Quentin and Thomas grew tired of lunch-as-usual, the creative duo began cooking together. Rather than limit themselves to making your typical hamburger, they played with their food, adding in unusual ingredients like caviar, octopus, and even gold foil. Before long, the pair had created a vast array of unique burgers inspired by everything from popular cartoons to movie releases. While many of these Fat and Furious Burgers are not quite fit for consumption, they certainly are a feast for the eyes.

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersDhundi Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersFricocotte Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersHawaiian Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersBrrrrgeur

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersSanglichon Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersGo Green Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersCanicule Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersA Burger To Feed Them All

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersThe Burgiving

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersMy name is Bun, James Bun

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersThe End Burger

Thomas-and-Quentin hamburgersBeuh-rger

This post was contributed by Megan Ramirez.

(via Lost at E Minor)

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