The Breathtaking Tidal Pools of Sydney


These images are concerned with the interplay of the familiar and the unfamiliar. Instantly recognizable locations but shot with with long exposures at a particular time of day to create an unfamiliar and ethereal effect. The lack of people and the strange quality to the pool images invites the viewer to enter the dreamlike place of the images for a moment, and maybe consider what is unknown in themselves. What beauty lies undiscovered given the right perspective and moment of inquiry.

Shot over the period of a year this series of images covers 11 of the over 30 tidal pools dotting Sydney’s Shoreline. I also like the metaphor of the tidal pool, a place of safety and calmness amongst the wild unpredictability of nature. A place to rejuvenate in safety and watch the waves crashing outside.—Steve Back

Steve Back is a Sydney-based commercial and fine art photographer. His second exhibition of landscapes, Terra Incognita, that explore the same theme of the “unfamiliar familiar” will open at Global Gallery in Sydney on October 24, 2012.

Bronte-Beach Steve Back PhotographyBronte

Bilgola-Beach Steve Back photographyBilgola

Bondi-Beach Steve Back photographyIcebergs, Bondi

Collaroy-Beach Steve Back PhotographyCollaroy

Maroubra-Beach Steve Back photographyMahon Pool, Maroubra

Dee-Why-Beach Steve Back PhotographyDee Why

North-Narabeen-Beach Steve Back photographyNorth Narabeen

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